Theatres Des Vampires @ O2 Islington Academy, London

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Theatres Des Vampires Tour 2011

Support: The Foreshadowing,
Orestea and My Sweet Torment

28th May 2011 @ O2 Academy Islington, London

Review and Photos: Jo Blackened

Altercarnated Photography

There was no surprise seeing a rather large queue for tonight’s performances, but quite amusing to see the press/guest queue longer than the ticket holders and with doors opening on time and the first band on quickly I knew I was going to miss the first support band …but eventually we got in!

As Predicted, I missed the first support band on tonight, My Sweet Torment; A band which formed in 2002 under the name Olbaid.

After their debut release of their first album "Electrocardiogram" they changed their direction of music which took them to the dark gothic metal band they are today, they have recently released their new album "Seven”, which I look forward to hearing.

This is a band I really wanted to see and it was a shame; due to queues and problems with passes we missed this band.

The second support band on tonight was Orestea; more of a mainstream Melodic Metal band which I was surprised to see, giving the rest of the line-up tonight.

To be honest this London based band didn’t really fit into tonight’s bill as their image was less dramatic, even slightly emo looking especially compared to the strong gothic atmosphere projected in the other bands images’ tonight.


Despise this, they did play well. They had good stage presence with some great riffs coming from Guitarist Lloyd Wilson, with vocalist Lisa Avon, moving all around the stage, and also giving great crowd interaction.

They were a sweet fun band to watch and I did enjoy their set, but I just think they would have had a better crowd reception if they were playing on a different line-up.


The main support tonight was The Foreshadowing; A Gothic Doom Metal from Italy.

This band were formed 2005 by Guitarist Alessandro Pace; who was a former member of Klimt 1918, Spiritual Front & Dope Stars Inc.


The band recorded their first full-length album “Days of Nothing” only in 2006 and have already made a great impact and signing to Candlelight Records then changing to Cyclone Empire Records in 2009.

It was only last year Davide Pesola was replaced by the bass player Francesco Giulianelli, so I was looking forward to seeing this band with the new line-up.

As soon as these guys were on the stage, it was clear to see why they are doing so well.

It was good to see them being heavier than the previous bands on tonight and they had a great gothic atmosphere with vocalist; Marco Benevento’s image and performance reminding me of ‘My Dying Bride’.

These guys played a great set!
They held the crowd’s attention throughout their performance and immense stage presence, these guys were perfect for the atmosphere needed before tonight’s headlining band.


They had great crowd interaction, playing a good mix of songs including tracks from their first album, which the crowd loved.


Their set seemed to go fast, which is a great sign of everyone wanting more, esp with great guitar melodies from Alessandro Pace and Andrea Chiodetti and impressive backing vocals from Francesco Sosto.


After a short break, it was time for tonight’s headliners Theatres Des Vampires!

Theatres Des Vampires’ are a band who have been well-established for many years, forming in the early 90’s and have always had a strong fan base, despite their many changes and line-up’s throughout the years.

Coming from a symphonic black metal background they soon changed direction and are now more known for gothic vampiric metal, incorporating influences from industrial gothic, classical, electronic and even opera.

Their style is unique and individual and despite being a fan for many years, I have to admit this was the first time I have seen them perform live.

It wasn’t long until the lights went down and candles were lit to the sounds of the dark introduction playing throughout the venue, and it was no surprise that vocalist ‘Sonya Scarlet’ was to make a dramatic entrance tonight.

From the screaming, excited audience Sonya appeared slowly from the shadows to the front of the stage dressed in a long black cloak, mask and impressive head gear, with the rest of the band members following in masks.

The stage too, was filled with some great props including skulls and tombstones.

Dancing around on stage, she clearly captivated the audience, before taking to the mic.

The band members then removed their masks and the music began.


Sonya made an amazing entrance and kept the impressive costume on for the first two songs before throwing the cloak away to reveal a much sexier outfit consisting of pvc, chains with a lot of skin revealed, this got a great reaction from the crowd!

The band played a great set, including a lot of tracks from their last three albums but for me I would’ve liked to have heard more of their old material.

Given their theatrical performance tonight I was shocked to see the photography pit so empty, I thought these guys would have got more coverage, playing in London tonight.

All the band members have an amazing stage presence, with this being more like a theatrical show and not just a live music gig.
Sonya is constantly moving around on-stage and sexy dancing throughout her performance which also included some impressive costume changes.

Towards the end of their set, Sonya and the members left the stage, but before their encore the lights and music went dark to reveal a beautiful white ballerina on stage; this was an absolutely lovely and impressive performance to watch, which filled the time nicely until it was time for the bands encore; which included guest vocals from the previous support band The Foreshadowing.

They put on a great performance together, which ended with a great drum solo towards the end.

It was no surprise seeing the great crowd’s reaction tonight, whom themselves made an effort in their vampiric outfits and images but giving the band’s history I was surprised not to see the venue more packed for tonight’s event.

But for those who made the effort tonight, were more than happy to show their support and show the band are still loved by their loyal fans.

This really is a great band to see live. I loved the dramatic gothic atmosphere of tonight’s performance and wish I had seem live before.  I will ensure to catch them again next time they visit London.


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