PAGAN’S MIND & Neonfly @ Camden Underworld

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Pagan’s Mind and Neonfly

@ Camden Underworld

20th May 2011

Review: James Griffiths

Photos: Jo Blackened, Altercarnated Photography

Friday night in Camden around the Underworld seemed unusually quiet seeing as Pagan’s Mind are playing tonight, even heading downstairs to the venue it’s the same story…but things were soon about to change!


Neonfly seemed to be  the only support band for the night and as they took to the stage there was a sudden  influx of people rushing to the front stage of  the venue!


This band really seemed full of energy and enthusiasm as they blast into their first track, for a relatively unheard of band their sound and stage presence are amazing.


Having only formed in 2008 and with their new vocalist Willy Norton these guys have really come along way in such a short time.


Willy’s vocals are truly awesome as he hits some impressive high notes throughout the set, the crowds reaction to these guys is just brilliant, you would think you were watching a crowd react to a really big band as fists were pumping in the air throughout.


All in all Neonfly have done justice to opening for such a great band (Pagans Mind) and are truly set for bigger things in the future! (4/5)

Neonfly setlist:

Broken Wings

The Enemy

Ship With No Sails

The Messenger

A Gift To Remember

Spitting Blood

The Revenant

Morning Star

I Think I Saw A UFO

After a short interval Pagan’s Mind take to the stage and by this point the Underworld has really packed out and the crowd are going crazy for tonight’s headliners.



Having been around since 2000 and including the new album releasing 5 studio albums these guys have been busy in their short career so far.

Nils (vocals) took centre stage with the band and unleashed their full power onto the crowd who lapped it up and gave just as much back.


With the release of their new album Heavenly Ecstasy having just been released these guys were here to really show what power and talent they have and boy did they show it. Playing tracks from all their albums and a few from their newest the atmosphere was electric, the theatrics from Nils was as you would come to expect watching their music videos. He didn’t disappoint!

Undoubtedly their best moment came when they smashed their way into ‘Through Osisris’ Eyes’ and the crowd went crazy.


This band really know how to put on a show and it would be truly awesome to see these guys on one of the big festivals in the UK in the near future.



This was truly an amazing set by these guys and by the reaction from the crowd their next venture to the UK cant come soon enough!


This is a band you need to see live!


Pagan’s Mind setlist:

Eyes Of Fire

Enigmatic Mission

Walk Away In Silence

Aegean Shores

Ronny Tegner keyboard solo

God’s Equation

United Alliance / Instrumental

Hallo Spaceboy

Evolution Exceeded


Approaching (Intro)

Through Osiris’ Eyes

Alien Kamikaze