BLOTTED SCIENCE – ‘The Animation Of Entomology’ video teaser posted; EP track listing revealed

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Technical extreme metal instrumentalists BLOTTED SCIENCE, featuring guitarist/mastermind Ron Jarzombek (WATCHTOWERTERRESTRIAL EXILEDSPASTIC INK), bassistAlex Webster (CANNIBAL CORPSEHATE ETERNAL), and new arrival, drummer Hannes Grossmann (OBSCURATERRESTRIAL EXILED), are currently putting the finishing touches on their long awaited EP,‘The Animation Of Entomology’, which is due out this fall via Ron Jarzombek‘s EclecticElectric label.

“Well, it’s been a long, arduous process but we’re finally seeing light at the end of tunnel”, statesJarzombek enthusiastically. “Hannes has been done for a few months, Alex finished up his tracks in early June, and I’m now in the home stretch with my solos.  I’m so psyched about what the reaction will be once fans hear and see what we’re doing.  If you can imagine a cross between CANNIBAL CORPSESPASTIC INK, and a Bugs Bunny cartoon – that’s pretty much what’s going on.”

‘The Animation Of Entomology’ takes Jarzombek‘s fascination with animated cartoons and creepy crawlies to a whole new level.  After having experimented with writing complex pieces of music to sync up with classic movie sequences with SPASTIC INK on ‘The Wild Hare’ and ‘The Cereal Mouse’, respectively, the concept has now been applied to BLOTTED SCIENCE over the course of 7 songs and a total of 24 minutes of music.

“I totally busted my ass syncing things up, carefully orchestrated music to film, bug movies actrually, and nit-picked notes to death on this material until my fingers bleed and my brain nearly exploded. We wanted to follow up ‘Machinations’ along some of the same lines of science and gore, and came up with a killer concept and some great material with yet another 12-tone system.  How everything all falls into place I think is beyond incredible!  Whether this is the heaviest or most technical thing I’ve ever done, I don’t really know or care, but no other band/project is pulling off what we are doing with this EP.”

‘The Animation Of Entomology’ track listing reads as follows:

01. Ingesting Blattaria
02. Cretaceous Chasm
03. Vermicular Asphyxiation
04. A Sting Operation
I. Human Barbequed
II. Cessation Sanitation
III. Seeing Dead People
IV. Omitting Eyes

The folllow-up to the band’s highly acclaimed 2007 ‘The Machinations Of Dementia’ full-length album is being produced and mixed by Ron Jarzombek and recorded in San Antonio, TX, Tampa, FL, and V. Santura‘s (OBSCURATRIPTYKONWoodshed Studios in Landshut, Germany where the drums were cut.  Mastering duties are once again being handled by Jacob Hansen (VOLBEATDESTRUCTION) at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark.

A 2-minute video teaser of  ‘The Animation Of Entomology’ can be viewed ; an audio-only version is uploaded on the EclecticElectricSoundCloud page at

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