REBELLION: New Lineup Complete

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Video footage of new REBELLION guitarist Stephan Karut answering questions fans posted on Facebook can be seen below.

REBELLION last December parted ways with Uwe Lulis (guitar), Gerd Lücking (drums) and Simone Wenzel (guitar) and replaced them with Oliver Geibig, David Faifer and Karut, respectively.
REBELLION 2011 is:


Michael Seifert – Vocals

Tomi Göttlich – Bass

Oliver Geibig – Guitar

Stephan Karut – Guitar

David Faifer – Drums


Gerd and Uwe have plans to form a new band while Simone has joined VERNISSAGE.


REBELLION’s latest full-length album (the third part of the “History of the Vikings” saga), “Arise: From Ragnarök to Ginnungagap – The History of the Vikings Volume III”, came out in July 2009 via Massacre Records.


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