Keep It True Р2011 Lauda-K̦nighshofen, Germany

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29.04.2011 – 30.04.2011

 Lauda-Könighshofen, Germany

Straight to business as we once again missed first bands:

Simply put, Damien Thorne was boring.  Too much flirting with modern sounds and only two songs from their semi-classic ”Sign Of The Jackal” (Damien’s Procession (March of the Undead) and Escape or Die 2012). And even those versions were somehow ruined so I was soon off to somewhere else. Uninspired, muddy and too modern sounding.

Soon after Damien Thorne, all the eyes were opening wide as Bitch from California took the stage. Leather, whips, bikini top, dirty speeches in between the songs and everything else nerdy metalheads needed to get some red on their faces. But at least Bitch is not like Thor, her music seriously kicks ass. The setlist was basically 50-50 from Damnation Alley MLP and Be My Slave LP, only last song Skullcrusher was from ”The Bitch Is Back” LP. It’s sad that bands like Bitch are usually remembered only because of their female vocalist and their nice speedy and much better than average heavy metal is long forgotten. Live for the Whip!

Right From the Start (Be my slave LP)

Damnation alley (Damnation Alley EP)

Be My Slave (Be my slave LP)

Riding in Thunder (Be my slave LP)

Leatherbound (Be my slave LP)

Save You from the World (Be my slave LP)

Live for the Whip (Damnation Alley EP)

Skullcrusher (The Bitch Is Back)


Then it was time to shift to even higher gear and get Chicago’s Slauter Xstroyes to the stage. Even though their original vocalist John Stewart was not part of their reunion, rumours circulated the heavy metal scene that Steven Reimer Sr. was more than worthy replacement. As soon as they opened their set with classic "Winter Kill" everybody knew witness that rumors were true. Simply put, f*cking amazing.  This guy could hit all those insane vocal lines without a problem. And when rest of classic Slauter Xstroyes  were in fire all you can say that these are moments why people travel to KIT year after year all a cross the globe. Chicago’s finest showed how to make reunion, hopes are high for their upcoming new album.

Winter Kill

The Stage


Wicked Bitch

Living in Peace

Saint’s Revenge

Black Rose




To continue this already more than good  festival day, to the stage went Brocas Helm. Everyone reading this should know Brocs Helm by now. Jim Schumacher, Jack Hays and Bobbie Wright are  simply put one of the best trios ever to play heavy metal. Unique, original and chaotic in some strange way. There’s no need to describe their set, only perfection from start to finish.

Only sad thing is that they announced that this would be their last gig ever. Huge loss to the underground heavy metal scene and to all who did not see them rip stages together. Let’s hope that these three guys still release music in some form or another. In to the battle!

Black Death

Drink and Drive

Time Of The Dark

Defender Of The Crown


Ghost Story

Drink the Blood of the Priest

Into Battle

Cry Of The Banshee



After the sad news and nice set from Brocas Helm, Breaker from Cleveland was scheduled to take the stage. Balancing more on the hard rockin’ edge of US metal it was nice contrast to previous US metal champions and perfect music for beer drinking at Friday evening. Breaking out with new (?) song Manifesto and the blasting to their first LP (Get Though) classics ”Lie To Me” and ”Blood Money” it was made known that Breaker were seriously in business. Vocalist Greg Warner run from the stage to photipit, from photopit to stage basically all the time (afterwards almost every other vocalist did the same during their sets). To me Breaker became the best band of the whole day. Pounding and rocking heavy metal and Friday night, what else do you need?  Definitely the highlight of the set was the classic ”10 Seconds In”. A song which I had been personally waiting to hear live for many many years.


Lie To Me (GT)

Blood Money (GT)

Action (Accept EP)

Ten Seconds In (GT)

From The Heart (GT)

Afraid Of The Dark (7")

I Destroy

Luck And Gasoline

Black Light Ark

Get Tough (GT)

Still Life (Accept EP)

And then Griffin. Or vocalist William McKay and German Roxxcalibur backing him up. I personally love Griffin material but  I’m quite bored with these one original member and a backup band systems. Di’Annoism? Of course you can argue it’s just one off gig for sake of good times but still. I waited until fourth song ”Heavy Metal Attack” and then left the hall to have some good old refreshments at the parking lot. Somehow strangle next thing was waking up from hotel the next morning. I wonder how that happened?