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Eden’s Curse Interview

Interview with Paul Logue

by Shelia Hamilton


Please introduce your band to the readers first – when did the story of Eden’s Curse begin?

Hi Sheila, It’s Paul Logue – I’m bassist, chief songwriter and co-founder of EC.

The story began in January 2006 when I came across Michael Eden (Vocals) posting on the web stating “Singer looking for band”. I was scouring Musicians messageboards looking for inspiration I guess and I made contacted with Mike and we got on like a house on fire and starting swapping song ideas. We quickly realised that we were onto something special and that this demanded quality musicians. We contacted drummer Pete Newdeck who was an ex-label mate of mine, and we’d discussed working together, and through ads we found the unbelievable talents of Thorsten Koehne on guitar and finally Ferdy Doernberg completed the first line up. He was replaced by Alessandro Del Vecchio in June 2009. We are five guys from five different countries!

How would you describe your band in 2011? What has changed since the year 2007?

There’s a more mature and bigger sound now, and more hair ha ha! We’re really comfortable with where we are musically and everything really came together on this record, albeit through some hard work, and I think Alessandro is a huge part of that, because not only has he complemented the sound wonderfully, he has harmonised the brotherhood that exists within the group – he is, without being disrespectful to Ferdy’s amazing talents, the keyboard player we wre always missing.

What is your favourite song and/or album at the moment?

”Walk Away In Silence” by Pagan’s Mind from their new “Heavenly Ecstacy” album. 2011 has been an outstanding year for music already and we ain’t even half way through it yet!

Besides the old school bands like Queensryche, Journey, and Saxon are there any newer bands that inspire you?

Of course! Edguy, Pink Cream 69, Helloween, Firewind, Kamelot, Symhony X, Dream Theater, Pagan’s Mind amongst many others.

Which equipment do you use?

Warwick Basses – Corvette Custom Build and Streamer Stage II, Warwick Bass Amplification, Boss Pedals, Samson Wireless Systems, Elixir Cables & Strings, inTune Guitar Picks, Hercules Guitar Stands, Sonar X1 Producer Version.

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing your 3rd album “Trinity“ for Metal-Rules and I have got to say I am very impressed by it!

Thank you!


What were the main influences for Trinity, who/what are they and how did they influence you?

There are no musical influences, because we do what we do and the music comes from the heart, but life itself is the influence for many of the lyrical ideas. There is no concept story, just stand alone songs written through our eyes at the state of the world and the stench of hypocrisy that runs through society today.

There are many different subjects like the tsunami in the Indian Ocean on “Children Of The Tide” – which took on a whole new meaning with events in Japan. The birth of my daughter Emma on “Guardian Angel” and even a song inspired by a film – “Jerusalem Sleeps” which was penned after watching “Kingdom of Heaven”. I loved the concept more than I did the film!

Do you have a particular writing process for songs or is it different for each song that you come up with?

It’s quite simple really – if it doesn’t float my boat it doesn’t get my vote 😉 I write songs first and foremost for myself, and if others like them then I’m delighted, but I do what pleases me in the main. No-one will ever force me or tell me what to write – when that day comes I’ll hand them the pen!

Can you talk us through your tracks that are on it?


It’s always our plan to kick each album off in style, and that is exactly what we have done here. Big riffs, huge vocals and more guitars than you can possibly imagine. Lyrically, this one is a social commentary.

We all live under the same sun and breathe the same air, and at Judgement Day, we will all be judged the same. You choose your own path and fate in this life. Choose wisely!

Saints Of Tomorrow

Written by Thorsten and drummer Pete Newdeck, with some help from Mike – this is as modern as Eden’s Curse gets. There’s a definite Firewind vibe to this tune, and it’s insanely catchy.

I believe Pete had this lyrical idea for Steve Grimmett / Tainted Nation, but I wanted the title badly – I begged and he brought it in. Lyrically, it’s about the state of the world and society today. We have a chance to do something to help the children of the future. Shall we take on the mantle or watch in shame?


No Holy Man

I had written the bulk of this tune whilst we were auditioning keyboard players. I gave them this tune, instrumentally, to see what they could bring to the table. Ale returned his with the string section that has now become the part James sang on…

We then threw down some lyrics and he sang this beautiful, Dio-type melody? I just went WOW! The song just grew arms and legs from there. We always envisaged a duet on that part.

An epic tune, which is my ideal perception of what Eden’s Curse is all about. Lyrically, it’s about people who act one way in public and another way in private. Hypocrisy is everywhere in society today.

Guardian Angel

Written about the birth of my daughter Emma. Great vocals by Mike and I love the keyboards from Alessandro. Mr Newdeck penned a chorus to die for here!

Can’t Fool The Devil

A double bass, decibel rousing, deafening diatribe! Fast, furious and angry! The devil eventually catches up with you sooner or later. The question is, how ready are you?

Dare To Be Different

Basically, an ode to the Sheep of life and a song full of hope! Try breaking away from the herd for once in your life! Nothing good ever comes from staring at another sheep’s bottom.

Rivers Of Destiny

This was originally written for the ‘Place Vendome’ project which is coming out through Frontiers.

Dennis Ward (our esteemed producer and engineer) asked me to pen some songs for that, but Place Vendome’s loss is most certainly our gain.

The most melodic tune on the album and one of Mike’s best vocal performances ever I think!

Children Of The Tide

Actually, one of my favourites on the album. I wrote this after watching a documentary at Christmas time, about all the tsunamis in the Indian Ocean. One mother spoke of how her, her husband and young daughter all gripped on for dear life and, suddenly, a wave came and took their daughter right out of their grasp? There was nothing they could do to stop it. That will always stick with me. Haunting song!

Black Widow

The heaviest song Eden’s Curse has ever written. Great powerful vocals by Mike and Andi Deris (Helloween), and superb drumming from Sir Newdeck.

It’s about people who can become anything that they want to be from behind a keyboard. The web is full of people who prey on others and attack with ease. Where you find webs, you find spiders and they don’t come more hardcore than the black widow!

Jerusalem Sleeps

A song inspired by the movie The Kingdom Of Heaven with Orlando Bloom. The film was pretty average, but I loved the concept of the Muslims and Christians fighting to control Jerusalem. It’s a tale of courage, endurance and faith. A fantastic riff and groove and some awesome fretwork by Thorsten! This will be a live favourite for sure!

Rock N’ Roll Children

Our ode to Ronnie James Dio! Ronnie influenced this band and its member’s lives more than anyone will ever know. Every single one of us was affected by his death in one form or another!

This just simply HAD to be done as our way of saying thank you to him and the music he provided; music that essentially acted as a soundtrack to our lives. We will never forget the man on the silver mountain! God bless; RIP!

What is your favourite track from the album ‘Trinity’ and why?

At the moment, it’s probably “Jerusalem Sleeps” because it’s great fun to play, it’s got a great groove and it’s epic as hell. One I truly cannot wait to play live!

What was it like working with James LaBrie and Andi Deris?

Very humbling! As with each record we try and entice a guest or two, and Michael and I always sit down with our dream shopping list. Making that reality is not at all easy, and in many cases you actually have to kind of court that person. James wasn’t as difficult to track down as I imagined he would be, and simply said “Let me hear what your plan is”. We sent him some songs and the demo and he absolutely loved the band and the music. He quickly headed off on Tour with Dream Theater in South America and the whole time he is emailing from the Tour Bus listening to the debut and “The Second Coming” on his iPod saying “This stuff freaking ROCKS brother”, and when he returned Michael and I had an 1.5 hour conference call with him. He is a very approachable, professional and humorous person and he is extremely enthusiastic about Eden’s Curse and in particular “Trinity”. So, we eventually discussed terms and he agreed. He recorded his vocals at Iguana Studios in Canada right after he finished his lead vocals for his “Static Impulse” solo album before shooting out on Tour with Maiden.

Andi came about because of our relationship with the guys in Pink Cream 69. I had done a favour or two for Kosta Zafiriou, and as he is the Tour Manager for Helloween I asked if he could talk to Andi and see if he would be interested in singing on “Black Widow” and I heard he agreed. I uploaded the song to Kosta and got Andi’s vocals back and never heard a thing from Andi throughout – kind of bizarre, but totally hassle free and he sounds amazing! It’s not secret that I am a major fan of Pink Cream 69, and have been since 1998, so getting Andi was a real special moment for me. It’s kind of cool now that he have worked with both PC69 singers!

Do you have any plans for a UK tour?

Well, we open for Dream Theater next month at two shows and we are HOPING to come back in September. We have some dates lined up, but it’s now with our Management and Agent to do the math and make sure we can financially make it work. Having five guys in five different countries means our travel expenses are the equivalent of the debt of an African nation … but, we don’t grumble … much 😉


Do you have any plans to play any festival dates this year?

None that we know of. Festival dates are not really ideal for us unless promoters want to pay us – and our experience tells you they don’t!

Do you find you get a different response in the UK to mainland Europe/USA etc?

We haven’t played in mainland Europe, but we were very well received in Chicago last year, but there is no doubt the UK crazies are in a different league. We have some Cities in the UK that are MUST’s when we next tour.


Are there any messages that you would like to pass on to your fans?

Hang with us – we are working our asses off to get some headline dates for September, but in the meantime get yourself to Leeds and Wolves for the Dream Theater shows to hear some new material live for the first time! Thanks for always being there for us. Stay Cursed as always!

Thank you, for your time!

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