The 69 Eyes with support act Crashdiet on The Dark Decadence Tour 2011 at The Rock in Copenhagen Denmark

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69 Eyes

The Dark Decadence Tour 2011

Crashdiet – support act

Rock The Night Club
The Rock, Copenhagen, Denmark
14/4 – 2011

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall

On a cold night in April the Finnish goth act 69 Eyes teamed up with the Swedish glam/sleaze band Crashdiet in order to tear down the best club in Copenhagen – The Rock. The bands are out on tour together with Hardcore Superstar but sadly Hardcore Superstar cancelled this particular gig in Copenhagen because of illness. It was Rock The Night that arranged this great evening and it’s a club within the club. Rock The Night’s specialty is booking glam/sleaze acts and I have to say that they never seem to let me down with their bookings so far. Because of the cancellation of Hardcore Superstar the ticket price was lower and everyone who had bought a ticket in advance was granted 100 Danish crowns in refund when they got to the club. And since Hardcore Superstar couldn’t make it, Crashdiet took their position as support act.

I met up with the bands earlier during the day and everyone was really nice and Jyrki69 said that the band was going to have some time off after the end of this tour. He said that the band had dusted of some older songs that they were going to perform this night and that they recently had done an acoustical show and that they were going to play some acoustical songs tonight as well. As time passed more and more people arrived to the doors and about 7.15 came a security guard out and opened the doors. There were so many people trying to get in at the same time so the doors were jammed. A lot of young girls had already placed themselves at the front of the stage when I got into the club and it seemed like they were really eager to see the evenings acts.

Crashdiet’s backline was already standing on stage and I could see a backdrop with the band’s name and pictures of the members on it. On each side of the drum kit were two smaller backdrop placed with drawings of a huge anarchy-A on them. On each side of the stage stood also two painted oil-barrels. The stage felt pretty crowded with all the gear on it. As I was standing there I noticed two older and quite huge guys forcing their way to the front of the stage and they didn’t care about the small girls that they pushed and shoved aside in order to make their way forward, it was really tragic to see how upset and sad the girls became when they were forced to leave their place in the front. Well, soon after that mishap was it time for Crashdiet to enter the stage.




Members in the band are:

Peter London – bass, b-vox
Eric Young – drums
Martin Sweet – guitar, b-vox
Simon Cruz – lead vocals

As soon as the members showed up on stage the girls in the front of the stage screamed and sang along to the first song which was “Down With The Dust”. “So Alive” taken from the new album GENERATION WILD continued the show and Cruz worked really hard in the middle of the stage to get the crowd going, as if it was needed. Cruz fits great into the band and I think he did a great job as frontman. “Riot In Everyone” followed and it was the bands first huge hit and needles to say  everyone in the crowd sang along to the song. Cruz also played guitar and harmonica and his presence definitely added energy and power to the bands music. Cruz said it was nice to be in Denmark and to be playing in Copenhagen and that it was time for the band to play some more music with the song “Native Nature”. It felt like the fans had listened a lot to the new album because almost everyone in the venue sang along during the new songs.




The music of Crashdiet doesn’t much appeal to me but I can understand that the younger fanbase like their very commercial kind of glam/sleaze rock’n’roll. However, I do think that the new album feels a lot more grown up and includes a few good songs. I also think that Cruz is a great frontman and that he does a much better job that Oliver Twisted. The two oil-barrels puked out smoke on and off during the show and it added feeling to the show. “Queen Obscene/69 Shots” continued the evening and the song is taken from the bands highly acclaimed debut album REST IN SLEAZE that came 2005.



“It’s a Miracle”, “Bound To Fall” and “Rebel” followed and “Rebel” also ended the ordinary set. 40 minutes wasn’t enough for the eager fans and they shouted for more music. The band shortly entered the stage again and fired off three encores in “Breaking The Chainz”, “Beautiful Rain” and “Generation Wild”. Those three songs was the last thing we heard from Crashdiet for this night and the bands fans was really pleased with 50 minutes of music I think. I was not because I don’t think they did a headliner show instead they did an OK show for a support act – time-wise I mean. On the other hand they had brought along their entire backline if that could be any comfort for the fans who wanted to see and hear more from their idols.



The set list isn’t in exact order and I can have missed one song.

Set list


Down With The Dust

So Alive

Riot In Everyone

Native Nature

Queen Obscene/69 Shots

It’s A Miracle

Bound To Fall



Breaking The Chainz

Beautiful Rain

Generation Wild

While the crew were about to prep the stage for 69 Eyes had more people arrived to see the Helsinki vampires live and it was obvious that 69 Eyes are really loved in Copenhagen.


69 Eyes

While the bands intro played the entire band except for the singer came out on stage and the members are:

Bazie – guitar
Jussi69 – drums
Timo-Timo – guitar
Archzie – bass

The missing member, singer Jyrki69, arrived on stage when the song “Devils” kicked off. Jyrki69 and the rest of the band was warmly welcomed by the already ecstatic fanbase on the floor. The band was, as always, dressed in mostly black and leather and almost everyone had sunglasses on. Behind Jussi69 and his huge drum podium hung a big backdrop with the bandname on it. “Crashing High” followed and Jyrki69 thanked the fans for the warm welcome the band got from them. “Perfect Skin”, “Wings And Heart” and “Christina Death” continued the evening. “Dead n Gone” also followed and the audience sang along with Jyrki69 through the entire song. Jyrki69 is a great front man and he got the crowd work with him right from the start. Jussi69 behind the drums did an amazing job and it always looks too easy when he play the drums. It’s fun to stand and watch him play the drums and how many drummers captures the eye of the audience?





The entire club exploded when Jyrki69 announced that it was time to play “Kiss Me Undead” and a crowd-surfing girl slowly approached Jyrki69 and threw him kisses as she came closer to the stage. The closer she came to the stage the further away Jyrki69 moved from the front of the stage and it looked quite funny actually. “Velvet Touch” and “The Chair” followed and what can I say but what a brilliant set list the band had set up. The band felt really tight and in focus and they are a well-oiled machine that really did a great job. The band showed no sign of being tired or anything like that and they really gave their all even though this show was one of the last ones on the tour. Jyrki69 said that when they played here the last time they didn’t knew that Copenhagen had so many beautiful girls. He dedicated the next song “Lips Of Blood” to all the pretty girls of Copenhagen.



“Dance D’Amour”,  “Sister Of Charity” and the monster hit “Never Say Die” as well as the highly loved “Dead Girls Are Easy” ended the amazing show and the guys went of stage to all the girls despair. After a few minutes of shouting and screaming from the fans entered the vampires the stage again and Jyrki69 said that he was going to drink a lot of booze and meet some of the nice girls after the show. Timo-Timo and Bazie grabbed a chair each and sat down equipped with two acoustical guitars and accompanied by the other guys kicked they off a semi-acoustical version of “Feel Berlin”. It was an unusual but good version of the song. When it’s time for the next song Jyrki69 wondered if it’s OK to do a cover? The guys kicked off “Heartbreak Hotel” with Elvis which was a surprise but it worked pretty good in this semi-acoustical version. Jyrki69 thanked for all the applause after the songs and kicked of “Rocker” and that was just another song that worked out really well in the acoustical shape. The audience took over the lead song in the chorus and everyone in the band looked really happy to hear and to see the crowd sing so loud. As soon as the song was over switched Timo-Timo and Bazie to their ordinary instruments and kicked off “Brandon Lee” and “Lost Boys” the song that the band always closes the show with and which ended the show.






The show was amazing and The Helsinki Vampires showed that they are one of the best bands in their genre. I really think that the guys should give a serious thought of releasing the acoustic songs on an album. I think that everyone at The Rock was really happy and satisfied with what they just have seen and Rock The Night should have a really warm and big thank you for bringing the Helsinki Vampires to Copenhagen again.




Since the show was held on a Thursday, not many people stayed to party at the night club which was held straight after the show so the venue was pretty empty when I left. Maybe it would be a smart move to run the infamous Rock The Night on a Friday or Saturday night.

Set list



Crashing High

Perfect Skin

Wings And Heart

Christina Death

Dead N Gone

Kiss Me Undead

Velvet Touch

The Chair

Lips Of Blood

Dance D’Amour

Sister Of Charity

Never Say Die

Dead Girls Are Easy


Feel Berlin (acoustic version)

Heartbreak Hotel ( cover)

Rocker (acoustic version)

Brandon Lee

Lost Boys


Thanks to Camilla Blicher, booker and production manager at The Rock for help with press/photo pass


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