Horseback – The Gorgon Tongue: Impale Golden Horn + Forbidden Planet

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Reviewed: June 2011
Released: 2011, Relapse
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

The album is a combination of two of Horseback\’s records; Impale Golden Horn & Forbidden Planet.

First impressions on hearing this album is like having a one-way ticket to Trance Trip-Out Central, but there is no denying that these beautiful selection of songs captivates you instantly and you soon find yourself drifting away inside your own head. I had to pretty much stop doing everything I was doing & gave in to this album.

With not many lyrics in the album I thought I may become bored, but there is no doubt this band have talent and use fantastic tones, drones, waves & melodies that keep you floating throughout. With some songs such as ‘Finale’ and ‘Laughing Celestial Architect’ lasting for over 15 minutes, this album definitely makes you chillout! With the songs flowing beautifully into each other, it’s easy to get lost in this album. Each song is different and unique in their own way. I especially loved ‘Veil of Maya (The Lamb Takes the Lion)’ taking a darker route with black metal vocals showing the versatility of the vocals.

I have to say it was a nice break reviewing something other than extreme metal music, so if u fancy something different, something relaxing that you can totally lose yourself in, with a darker twisted edge, then I would most definitely recommend checking these guys out!

A beautiful piece of Alternative, Trance, Black/Doom metal music.

Reviewer: Jo Blackened


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Track Listing:
Disc 1
1. Finale
2. The Golden Horn
3. Laughing Celestial Architect
4. Blood Fountain

Disc 2
1. Veil of Maya (The Lamb Takes the Lion)
2. A High Ashen Breeze(Part 1)
3. A High Ashen Breeze(Part 2)
4. Alabaster Shithouse
5. A High Ashen Breeze(Part 3)
6. Introducing Blind Angels

Jerimiah Bignell – bass
guitar (2009-present)
Erik Engstrom – keyboards, synthesizer, LSDJ, backing vocals (1999-present)
David Isen – guitar (1999-present)
Daniel Pouliot – drums (2008-present)
Nathan Winneke – lead vocals (2002-present), bass guitar (1999-2002)