Roadburn – Tillburg Holland

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Roadburn 2011: SATURDAY

The Swedish Candlemass doomersters were supposed to play at Roaburn last year, but the unexpected volcanic explosion and dust clouds messed up the whole European aircraft traffic, resulting nothing but nightmare cancellations. However the Swedes returned to make up the cancelled gig. The doomesters kicked the set off with Robert Lowe doing the new or older material such as “Mirror Mirror”, “If I ever die”. Robert announced about doing a trick by vanishing from the stage. Candlemass continued by doing the whole legendary EPICUS DOOMICUS METALLICUS entirely from the beginning to the end with Johan Langqvist. The set was pure epical doomy metal. All in all it was a pleasure to hear those classic songs with Langqvist doing them. However Robert Lowe entered the stage to do a few songs more. Finally both Langqvist and Lowe did “Darkness In Paradise” and Blue Oyster Cult song together.

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Brutal sludge hard core combo hit the stage at Midi Theatre. The six piece’s raw sounding sludge hard core approach truly sounded absolutely nihilistic and insane. Rwake could have been a little bit wilder on the stage, but the size of the stage permitted them from causing the total havoc. When Rwake unleashed the brutality delivery of sludge hard core stuff there was some southern roots heard in their stuff.  



Has anyone seen the document movie called Slow Southern Metal where several southern metal bands were presented and where bands told their stories seen from their perspective what the southern metal is all about ? One of them was hilariously named Weedeater. The band’s name definitely creates the mind association in certain terms for sure. However the brutal sludge trio sounded extreme vicious and insane. The frontman’s Dixie passion and insane lurking eyes gave an impression he would have weeded a little bit before the gig. 


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Shrinebuilder could be described as an all start band featuring members of Saint Vitus, Melvins, Neurosis. The album sounded marvelous great, therefore the expectations were truly high. But but the sounds were truly horrible ruining the whole gig. Both Wino and Scott Kelly equally shared vocal duties, but something was missing from their performance.

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The Canadian fusion metallers did an outstanding gig a night before. The atmosphere was huge and almost religious feeling. The second gig mainly consisted of the same songs as played in Midi Theatre. The atmosphere at the previous gig was nearly religious mental. However the gig on the main stage didn’t reach the same point of climax even though the band sounded and ruled as expected in the first place. The brand new song titled “Kaleidos” wasn’t played this time instead the old so called classic ones belonged to the set.

The Gates Of Slumber has been on the road together with Victor Griffin’s Place Of Skulls. Therefore it was pretty logical to share the bill at Roadburn. The sound quality of the three piece were quite awful when playing in Helsinki a few weeks earlier.  But at Roadburn the things were completely different. The trio rolled with the massive great sounds. The songs got its great and fair sound quality giving a pleasant pleasure to all doomsters.


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