Doro with support Bai Bang on Winter Tour 2011 at Kulturbolaget in Malmoe, Sweden

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Doro Winter Tour 2011

Bai Bang (support act)


Malmoe, Sweden

April 9th, 2011

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall




When Doro was in Sweden to play at the Sweden Rock Festival Boat Cruise she also paid Malmoe a visit the day after the cruise. She’s not supporting a new studio album, instead she’s out promoting her own tribute DVD/CD called 25 YEARS IN ROCK AND STILL GOING STRONG. Her latest studio album was released two years ago and is called FEAR NO EVIL. The Swedish glam act Bai Bang was support act this evening and musically isn’t the the obvious choice for Doro who plays a totally different kind of music. Since it was Saturday, the show began a little earlier because of the night club that takes part at the club on weekends. The doors opened already at 7 O’clock and when I got there had a small line formed in front of the doors. After a small intermezzo regarding the press/photo pass I could enter the venue and me and my friend went to the bar to get something to drink and to check out the people there.

On stage you could see the support acts gear was setup so it was only to wait for the band to go on stage. Luckily the time went pretty fast and when the music silenced it was time for Bai Bang to kick off the evening.

Bai Bang

The line-up of today looked like this:

Joacim Sandin – bass, b-vox

Diddi Kastenholt – lead vocals

Pelle Eliaz – guitar

Johnny Benson – drums

The drummer is the newest addition to the band and he also plays in the up and coming glam/sleaze act Pretty Wild. “Party Queen” kicked off the show and the few fans in front of the stage applauded. Kastenholt wanted the people who stood in the back at the bar to come forward and said that it was great to be playing in Malmoe. “Are You Ready (I’m Ready)” followed as well as “Born To Rock”. Kastenholt said that the bands new album is gonna be released in July and that the band wasn’t going to play any new song this particular night.




Instead they fired off the old “F.O.T.D” and “Lay Down” which made a few of the visitors wake up. “X-Ray Specs” and “I Love The Things You Hate” was the last two songs for Bai Bang and Kastenholt thanked the people for being there and for listening to their music. Luckily does the bands music sound heavier live compared to on album and Benson on drums did a brilliant job as well as Eliaz on guitar.

Set list


Party Queen

Are You Ready (I’m Ready)

Born To Rock


Lay Down

Get Off

X-Ray Specs

I Love The Things You Hate

During Bai Bang’s show more people arrived to the club and it could maybe be about 200-300 people inside now and the club has a capacity of about 750 people.

It took the crew about 30 minutes to change gear and on stage a huge backdrop portraying the cover of the new DVD hung and the stage weren’t overcrowd with stuff. There were a small drumkit as well as amps and monitors but that was about it.


Doro _cover_1.jpg


One after the other the members came on to the stage and the musicians are:

Johnny Dee- drums

Nick Douglas – bass

Bas Mags – guitar

Luca Princiotta – guitar, keyboards

The two first members have been in the band for the longest period of time, I think since the beginning of the 90’s. The guys were given a warm welcome by the dedicated audience and the evening began with “Earthshaker Rock” and as soon as the band had played the intro Doro came onto the stage. The audience exploded and applauded and cheered when their metal queen showed up and Doro seemed to be genuinely happy for the warm welcome. “I Rule The Ruins” followed and the already ecstatic crowd at the front of the stage sang along throughout the entire song. It was really hard to take pictures because there were no photo pit and as I already have mentioned was the crowd ecstatic (and drunk) and Doro ran around banging her head all the time so it was really hard indeed. “East Meets West” continued the show as well as “Running From The Devil”.


When I tried to take more photos a guard came up to me, a very rude one, and told me that I couldn’t take more pictures because I only had three songs to take pics on. That was kind of strange because they didn’t have a fence during the show. Everyone who have seen Doro live or on DVD knows that she moves around a lot and hardly stand still for a second. Add to that her numerous accounts of headbanging throughout every song and you’ll understand it’s hard to take pictures of her. That’s why there are so few pics of her with this review.


Doro is a great stage personality and she also got her charismatic voice intact so he had the crowd in the palm of her hand right from the start. It looked like she had a great time on stage and it also felt that the band had a good time too. The more current song “Night Of The Warlock” followed and Doro made her way out on the small ramp that led out from the stage and into the crowd. Also both guitarists and the bassist had great connections with the audience and walked around on stage just as Doro. One really positive thing with Doro is that she allows her fellow musicians to take place and show off. She doesn’t run any solo show (even though she do) she lets everyone takes place on stage.

Doro said that the next song up was a tribute to everyone in the venue and it was the song that she wrote for the German festival Wacken Open Air called “We Are The Metalheads”. Both the light and the sound was amazing. Doro wanted us to send a thought to one of the greatest singers and performers in the history of heavy metal – Ronnie James Dio and she said that she had been lucky to have toured with Dio and that he was one of the most kindest people in the world and that he is deeply missed by fans and family. To  pay Dio a tribute she did a cover of “Egypt (The Chains Are On)”. Doro’s version of the song was amazing which I thought everyone in the club also thought. Doro thanked everyone for responding so great and warm on the cover and said that she thought Malmoe was an amazing town to be playing in.


“Fur Immer”, “Metal Racer” and “True As Steel” followed and the fans loved these old Warlock classics. “Haunted Hear” taken from the album WARRIOR SOUL continued and at the end of the song left Doro the stage because it was time for Dee to do a drum solo. He did an ordinary drum solo where he played the intro to the Kiss song “I Love It Loud”. One song was left to do for Doro when the solo was over and it was the monumental Doro hymn “All We Are” and needless to say went the audience completely mad. After 1.15 was the show over but the eager crowd wanted to hear more from their favourite metal queen and shouted her and the band back for encores.


“Burn It Up” was the first encore out after which Doro once again thanked everyone for making this an amazing show for both the band as well as the fans. She also thanked everyone for supporting the metal and hardrock community then she kicked off the 1990 song “Unholy Love” taken from her self titled album from 1990. “Love Me In Black” was the last encore for the evening and as soon as the song was over took the band members off their instruments and walked to the middle of the stage were they together with Doro thanked the fans and the people in the club for receiving such a great and warm welcome. As soon as everyone was off stage started the club crew to prepare the stage for the night club. When I took a closer look on the set list I saw that Doro didn’t play four songs that was originally written to the list, they were “Breaking The Law”, “Herzblut”, “Fight For Rock” and “Above The Ashes”. I guess that depended on lack of time.


It was a great show that proved that Doro still has her voice intact after all these years. She had a great connection with the audience as well as with the band and it was obvious that they really loved what they were doing on stage. Doro convinced us again of why she is worthy the title The Metal Queen. People I spoke to also thought it had been an amazing evening and everyone was really pleased. It was sad though that so few people turned up to see Doro. A big question is also why she played so many Warlock songs instead of relying on her own solo material.


About 90 minutes after the show was over came one crew members of Doro up to the ones who stood and waited for autographs outside the venue and told everyone to form a line and to come up two and two backstage and get autographs and photos of Doro. She really cares about her fans and I think that she really wants everyone to be happy. That’s a really sympathetic feature. Next up for Doro is a South American tour and then she will return to Europe to do some selected festival shows. Personally I think it’s time for her to release a new studio album instead of touring.


Set list


Earthshaker Rock

I Rule The Ruins

East Meets West

Running From The Devil

Night Of The Warlock

Burning The Witches

We Are The Metalheads

Egypt (The Chains Are On)

Fur Immer

Metal Racer

True As Steel

Haunted Heart

Drum solo

All We Are


Burning Up

Unholy Love

Love Me In Black




Thanks to head of press at KB Kristian Kornhage for help with press/photo pass. Thanks to the general of KB Totte Lundgren for all the help.

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