The Haunted on Unseen European Tour 2011 with support at The Rock Copenhagen Denmark

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The Haunted – headline

Unseen European Tour – 2011

Zombie Krig – support act

Night Fever – support act

The Rock



7/4 – 2011

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall



When the undisputed thrash-kings from Sweden paid Copenhagen a visit, it was time for me to head over to support them. They’re currently out supporting their brand new and brilliant album UNSEEN and since the band always been one of my absolute favourite acts, I really looked forward to see them live on stage again. The band had already been doing a few shows before the album was out in stores so the guys were warmed up and ready to take on Copenhagen. According to the band, this particular show also going to be their 800th show! The Haunted was supported by the Swedish act Zombie Krig and the Danish Night Fever which was two bands I hadn’t heard of earlier. Since the bands were going to play on a Thursday, there weren’t any night club straight after the show and the doors was going to open already at 8.00. The pub Tex Bar that is located straight beside the club opened as usual at 5.00 and a few brave hardrockers had already kicked off the evening there.

The doors opened as scheduled and everything went smooth in the door and I walked into the club to check out the place and to maybe get something to drink. As time went by more and more people arrived and it felt like many like me had waited for The Haunted to pay a visit at The Rock. When the clock stoke 9.00 it was time for the first support act to go on.

Night Fever

A small crowd of dedicated fans took position at the front of the stage and banged their heads supporting their friends in the band. The rest of the people in the venue hung out by the bar drinking and talking to friends. Night Fever didn’t move me at all with their juvenile form of death metal. I got bored with the band after about 10 minutes and after 30 minutes, it was thanks and goodbye from Night Fever.

The crew worked really fast with clearing the stage for the next support act which were the Swedish act Zombie Krig and about 9:50 it was time for the band to go on stage.

Zombie Krig

Along with Zombie Krig came some good music. The band played a form of hardcore with Swedish lyrics and the band’s singer ran around like a maniac on stage like a madman. It was a little hard though to hear that he actually sang on Swedish but he did. It seemed like most of the audience appreciated the music a lot, and I think this is a band you should keep an eye on in the future. After 40 minutes of a good time flew by and I was really positive surprised by this young act. They did a great job on stage and their music was fitting to the main acts music. Time ticked on and a lot more people had arrived when it was time for the main act to enter the stage.



The Haunted

Dolving ran out on stage during the first beats of “Never Better” and the audience gave the band a really warm welcome and the show continued with “The Drowning”. It was pretty crowded at the front of the stage and the fans really supported the band by singing along with Dolving and banging their heads with the music. The bearded Dolving ran around on stage doing his best to get the crowd going and he had the audience in the palm of his hand instantly. Everyone who has seen the band live knows how charismatic Dolving is on (as well as off) stage.





“Trespass” taken from the older album THE HAUNTED MADE ME DO IT followed and after the song Dolving asked if he was going to speak in English or in Swedish in between the songs and the audience wanted him to speak Swedish. He said that it was really nice for the band to be back in Copenhagen and that the bands brand new album is called UNSEEN and that the following song was taken from that album, it was the song “Catch 22”. “Motionless” followed and that song also comes from UNSEEN. The crowd sang along once again and formed a small circle-pit …partially the crowd was quite messy. The band sounded as tight and as mean as always and all of the musicians sounded really tight together. There’s no doubt that the guys loves their music and love what they do. There was no limits to the crowds happiness when the band fired off “D.O.A” which was followed by the title track of the new album. I haven’t heard the new songs when I went to see the show so it was hard for me to think anything about them but now when I have listened at home to UNSEEN I’m struck by how great the album is. The Haunted have absolutely done something different on this album and I’m not sure that old hardcore fans are going to love it but give the album some time to grow and I’ll bet you’re going to grow fond of it.

All of the members stood still and enjoyed the intro to “The Premonition” that went straight into the blasting “The Flood”. The band had a lot of pre-recorded intros with them that was aired before many of the songs. Dolving thanked everyone for being so kind towards the band and for showing them so much love. Another circle-pit was formed during “Moronic Colossus” and the crowd went completely crazy. Dolving introduced the song “Hate Song” with the words that the song could be about him. At the end of the show all of the members were really hot and sweaty – especially Dolving who was dripping on stage. “Dark Intentions” and “Bury Your Dead” were the two final songs that ended the ordinary set. Straight after the band had went off stage shouted the audience for more and more and of course came the band back after a few minutes to fire off a few encores.






“No Encore” was the first encore out and the ecstatic crowd sang a long during the entire song and a few fans also crowd-surfed. The song that definitely put an end to the evening was “The Guilt Trip” and as soon as the last note was played the band members took off their instruments and went to the front of the stage to thank the fans and the audience. 90 minutes of furious rage and brilliant anger had come to an end.





Even though I thought that the band played a little too many newer songs (six) I thought the show was brilliant and the set-list was close to perfect. The Haunted is one of the best and most tight live acts there are and hardly anyone can beat them at their game. It was a smart and genius move to book The Haunted to The Rock and I hope that they’re are going to come back really soon.

The band are going to tour Scandinavia and then Europe, then they’re heading over to Asia and Australia before it is time for festivals shows in Europe during the summer. The touring will be as long as it always is with this band. If they comes to your town go and see them. It’s good to be Swedish when we have band’s like The Haunted.


Set list


Never Better

The Drowning


Catch 22




The Premonition (intro)

The Flood

The Medication

Moronic Colossus

No Ghost


Hate Song



Dark Intentions

Bury Your Dead


No Compromise

The Guilt Trip


Thanks to Camilla Blicher, booker and production manager at The Rock for help with press/photo pass. Also thanks to the staff and security at the club for nice treatment.

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