Singer/Guitarist Gabul from Mammutant

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Singer/Guitarist Gabul from Mammutant

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to: Tom Hack for setting up the interview

Thanks to Massacre Records for the promotional pictures of Mammutant


Just when you thought that Gwar and Lordi was over, Mammutant shows up to stir things up. Mammutant play "light industrial metal" but there’s more to them than that, read on…



Hi, Gabul and thank you for taking the time to answer my questions,vare you ready to kick off the interview?

Yes, ready to kick some shit!

Your debut album is named ATOMIZER. Can you tell us a bit about the album like when and where it was recorded?

We recorded it 200 years ago on board of our spaceship and sent it through a wormhole now 200 years later we pulled it back out and voila here it is fresh and unspoiled.

Who writes the material and what are your lyrics about?

Our boardcomputer writes the music and lyrics mostly. They are little poems that deal with events which took place on our now destructed homeworld and also with more earthly matters, now that we have arrived here to make your lives even more miserable than they already are!

How come you named the album ATOMIZER? Where does the name come from?

It’s named after my favorite candy that I used to buy on Xorgosh quite an experience worse than Crack and Lsd together with a whiff of Brainslugextract makes you wanna kill your own mama!


Who has produced the album?

What? Didn’t you buy it? It’s all written down in the credits! Anyway it was I the mighty Gabul along with my Producer Legion who produced this divine piece of fart art!

Who has done the cover art-work? What do you think of it?

What? Didn’t you buy it? It’s all written down in the credits! Anyway, this masterpiece that shows us in all our beauty was designed by our gay courtpainter. It’s the best cover ever done.

You have shot a video to the song “Warmonger” what is the video about? How long did it take to shoot the video and are you happy with the outcome?

It’s about to destroy your brains took us 2 years to shoot it and makes us very eh forgot it! Sad proud horny? Just pick one!

How would you describe the kind of music Mammutant play? I have read somewhere that you play Apocalyptic metal, what do you think of that label?

Since I came up with it myself I think it’s great!

Did you have any release party for the album? If so when and where did it take place and was it fun?

Yes we had several parties on several planets I can’t remember exactly when and where too much to drink but it was fun at least for us because we devoured half of the audience backstage afterwards!

Have you read any reviews of ATOMIZER? What have the press had to say about the album?

Something like: yack this is the worst piece of kaka that ever hit the surface of this planet! I don’t know what that means for it wasn’t written in Cugothian language! But I’m sure it means most outstanding and brilliant!

Is there any difference in how the German press writes about to compared to the foreign press?

No they all say it’s the album of the year and that it isn’t necessary to record more music cause it’s all been said by now!



Were there many labels that were interested in signing a deal with Mammutant?

Almost all of them, but we decided to give Massacre a chance because of the nice name!



For how many albums are you signed for at Massacre Records?

For about 666 albums!

Are you happy with the work that they have put into Mammutant and ATOMIZER so far?

Well they released the album for the rest we’ll have to see.

Is the album released world wide? If not are you gonna released it world wide soon?

More or less yes!


Past present and future

Could you tell us a bit about the background of the band like when and where the band was formed and by whom?

The band was formed on our homeworld Xorgosh as a dinnerband, because our former leader Uschgallh the fat liked to have some backgroundmusic while he gnawed on enemies testicles, good for the digestition, he said.

Was it given from the start that you were gonna play this kind of music?

Sure it came naturally, and just had to be that way with any other music Uschgallh suffered from astrigency.

Why have you chosen to take on aliases?

Aliases? Those are our real names!

Does your artist name have any special meaning?

Yes it means I am the godfather of cugothian cannibal metal.

Are you guys a trio? On the promo pictures there are four guys..

The fourth guy is our housekeeper.

Have any of the members been involved in other acts before Mammutant?

Yes, but I can’t talk about it classified information.

You have probably heard this before but I think your approach are similar with GWAR and Lordi, what do you think of that and do you think I’m right?

No you are not right, the bands you speak of are just clowns with masks and fancy costumes. We are all real and far more ugly!

You have got a MySpace site but not a proper website, why?

Homepages are so antiquated.

Are you active on Facebook?

Passive more like!

Why is there such limited information about the band available on the internet?

Because we are agents on a top secret mission and the mission is to take over this planet and turned into a giant brainslug-farm. Oops, now I let the cat out of the bag sorry, now we have to kill you all and destroy the planet.

Have you done a lot of touring and live shows so far?

A little here and a little there we have to take very long rests in between for proper digestion. But rejoice there is more to come.

Is image more important than music to Mammutant?

No, it`s just a supportive device.

Do you have any current plans on going out on tour now that the album is out in stores?

We are working on it.


Could you give the readers three good reasons why they should buy ATOMIZER?

To support alien immigrants to annoy your grandma and last but not least to prevent pre-ejaculation!

When do you think that the next album is gonna be out in stores?

Maybe 2012 we still have to write new material.

That was all for me this time, I wish you all the best in the future and do you have any final words of wisdom for the readers and fans?

Yes, don’t stick your dick into the deep fryer or you’ll feel sick!

Ungallah mugalläh vriiil!


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