Entombed Mini tour Denmark 2011 with support at The Rock Copenhagen Denmark

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Mini tour – Denmark 2011

The Kandidate – support act

The Rock, Copenhagen, Denmark

12/3 – 2011

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall






Entombed is currently out on a short mini-tour through Denmark and along with them on the short tour is the support act The Kandidate who are from Denmark. The line-up has increased and to many fans’ satisfaction the band featured a new bass player so that Nico Elgstrand (the former bass player) now plays guitar. I think that many, along with me, have missed a second guitarist in Entombed. The band hasn’t released an album since the 2007 year release SERPENT SAINTS so I think that the guys have to get into the studio and record some new shit now. The doors opened at 9 but if you want to come earlier to kick off your evening I suggest you visit the bar called Tex Bar that is located in the same building that opens already at 5.

Time flew by really fast but I got time to met up with both new bass player Victor Brandt as well as Elgstrand before the show. About 50 minutes after we got into the venue was it time for the support act to kick off the night.

The Kandidate

As soon as the band showed up on stage took everyone in the venue one step closer to the stage to see what The Kandidate was up to. The band wasted no time and began the set instantly and I guess that their music could be labelled as hardcore. Both bass player Larsen and guitarist Tvedebrink banged their heads as if there were no tomorrow and singer Bredahl ran around like a maniac. The band consists of:

Allan Tvedebrink – guitar

KB Larsen – bass

NP Nielsen – drums

Jacob Bredahl – lead vocals

The longer the show proceeded the less clothes that Bredahl had on him and at the end of the show had he only had pants left on. The band let the music do the talking and they ran though quite a few songs on their 40 minutes on stage. The Kandidate did a good show and what’s not to like with a band that includes the amazing Jacob Bredahl on vocals.







Ever since Entombed releases their amazing debut album LEFT HAND PATH back in 1990 the band has been fairly active and not many bands have been going strong for 21 years. The remaining original member is Alex Hellid and LG Petrov the rest of the line-up joined during the past 10 years. I could sense excitement amongst the people in the club and as time had gone by had a lot of people showed up and it was actually a bit crowded. A lot of Swedes had also showed up to support the band and it was a really mixed audience at the club.



The line-up of today looks like this:

LG Petrov- lead vocals

Alex Hellid – guitar

Olle Dahlstedt – drums

Victor Brandt – bass

Nico Elgstrand – guitar

The members waited for the intro to fade out and then the mayhem began. First song out was “Serpent Saints” and as soon as Petrov showed up on stage the crowd screamed with joy. All of the fans headbanged and everyone was eager to stand right below the stage. “I For An Eye” followed as well as “Supposed To Rot”. Behind the drums hung a huge backdrop portraying the cover art work to their latest album SERPENT SAINTS THE TEN AMENDMENTS. The Rock doesn’t use fence in front of the stage so the fans were able to stand right down the stage and really close to the band and that added a very intimate feeling to the show.




Petrov thanked the fans for being there and supporting them and announced the next song which was “Crawl”. Everyone who has seen the band before knows the moving patterns of Petrov and this night was no exception. He walked around looking really mean and evil. He doesn’t have to do anything he gives respect only by standing still but I guess that what’s happens when you’re a living legend. He has a lot in common when it comes to the stage personality with Ozzy Osbourne you never know what he’s gonna do up there. It was also really fun to see the new bass player Brandt, I thought he had some similarities with the old bassist Lars Rosenberg that played with the band a while during the 90’s and then disappeared. “When In Sodom”, “Like This With Devil” and “Eyemaster” followed and the happiness amongst the fans was limitless. However I think that Petrov had some problems with his vocals he sounded not that good to be honest. It was also really hard to hear what he was saying in between the songs as well so I guess it was the sound system that failed. I also think that the bass and drums partially overpowered the guitars and the vocals.

The heat had gone tropical when Petrov announced it was time to play “Amok” and “Stranger Aeons” taken from the classic album CLANDESTINE. A circle pit had also formed and the entire band seemed to be pleased with that. It looked like Petrov didn’t feel well because whenever an intro was played he sat down on the stairs that leads down from the stage and took a quick rest. “Damn Deal Done” and “Left Hand Path” continued the show and “Left Hand Path” closed the show. Petrov walked off stage and let the rest of the band finish the song. The show clocked in on 60 minutes and that wasn’t enough for the crazy fanbase on the floor. The sweaty audience wanted to hear more from their favourite band and finally came the intro to “Chief Rebel Angel” out from the speakers. A really sweaty band came again on stage and kicked off the first encore that was “Chief Rebel Angel”. The next encore came as a surprise and it was the classic “Night Of The Vampire” and it was a really long time since the band played that song live. Everyone on the floor sang a long with Petrov in the lyrics and there was no doubt that the band maybe should keep including this song on their future set-lists. “Revel In Flesh” and “Wolverine Blues” ended the encores and the songs sounded as good as they do on the albums. Entombed left stage straight after the last song and the crazy audience thanked them with cheering and clapping.




The guys thanked the fans and shook everyone’s hands before they went off stage and with that was the show over. I thought the band’s performance was really great and it’s always fun to see my old heroes live. The light was good but the sound was worse. I think it’s great that the band finally have decided to take in a second guitarist because another guitar adds the deep, strength and the fury a band of Entombed’s calibre needs. It was also a great set-list but I wonder to whom the band turns to, I mean there were a lot older as well as a hell of a lot younger fans that wasn’t even born when the first albums was released. 8 songs this evening was taken from the first, second and third album.




Only three tracks was taken from the latest album and I think that the band have soon decide weather the want to play their trade mark old school death metal or if they want to stick to the death’n’roll path they are walking down on now. Even though I miss Sandström, Andersson and Cederlund I think the new members did a great job and Entombed sounded like the mean monster they always have been. What the world needs know is a new studio album by Entombed!!. After this tour through Denmark the band are going to play in the rest of Scandinavia and then head down in Europe before it is time to do some festival shows this summer. So there is a big chance that the band will play near you some time soon.

I met up with Dahlstedt after the show and I asked him when we can expect a new album from the band and he told me that they were currently working on one. It was a brilliant move to book Entombed and thanks to whoever did the booking!



Set list


Serpent Saints

I For An Eye

Supposed To Rot


When In Sodom

Like This With Devil



Out Of Hand

Stranger Aeons

Damn Deal Done

Left Hand Path


Chief Rebel Angel

Night Of The Vampire

Revel In Flesh

Wolverine Blues



Thansks to Camilla Blicher booker and production manager at The Rock for the help with press/photo pass. Also thanks to the staff and security at the club for nice treatment.


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