Mustasch on 10th anniversary tour 2011 with Electic Boys at Kb in Malmoe Sweden

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10th anniversary tour 2011

Electric Boys – support act



Sweden 10/3 – 2011

Review and live pictures by Anders Sandvall




It’s always a pleasure to visit the best club in Malmoe and on stage this evening stood none other than my old heroes Electric Boys as well as one of the biggest bands from Gothenburg Sweden – Mustasch. Mustasch is celebrating 10 years as a band this year and to honour that have the band re-recorded their old hits and put them on a disc called THE NEW SOUND OF THE TRUE BEST. The albums was released on the exact day of the release of their first studio album THE TRUE SOUND OF THE NEW WEST ten years ago. Electric Boys have re-united and have also recorded a brand new album called AND THEM BOYS DONE SWANG an album that I’m really eager to put my hands on but when you read this I guess the album has been released and I’m sitting happy and listen to it.

A lot of people had already showed up inside the club when I came and shortly after 8 was it time for the legendary funk o’ metal icons Electric Boys to conquer the audience in Malmoe.


Electric Boys

While the intro flooded out from the speakers entered the boys the stage and the members are:

Conny Bloom – lead vocals, guitar

Andy AC Cristell – bass, b-vox

Franco Santunione – guitar, b-vox

Niklas Sigevall – drums

As soon as the intro faded out kicked the band off the show with the amazing songs “March Of The Spirits” and continued straight on with “Reeferloord” the last song was taken from the brand new studio album AND THEM BOYS DONE SWANG. Bloom’s voice sounded brilliant and the band felt tight. The audience woke up during the third song which was “Knee Deep In You” after which Bloom said it was nice to be in Malmoe. The great song with the strange title “Father Popcorn’s Magic Oysters” continued on the show and both Bloom as well as Santunione used most of the space on the stage to run around on.




When the crowd heard the well known intro to the old classic song “Electrified” they kicked off the party on the floor. Other great songs that the band fired off was “Angel In Armoured Suit”, “Rags To Riches” and “Captain Of My Soul”. When it was time for the band to play their monumental hit “All Lips N Hips” sat Bloom at the edge of the stage and let one of the fans on the floor say the first lines of the song. When the audience understood what song they band were about to play did the cheers almost blew the roof of the club. The fans helped out with the lyrics in the middle of the song and that brilliant version of “All Lips N Hips” ended the 40 minute show for Electric Boys served us this time.



The show was short but excellent and it felt like the reunion really had lit a spark for the band. It felt like they enjoyed themselves on stage and they had a really great connection with the fans. Maybe it was a little too many of the new songs that were played and why play new songs from an album that aren’t out when you have a limited amount of time to perform for, but I’m overall really happy with the goods Electric Boys gave us this night.


Set list

March Of The Spirits

Refeerlord ( new song )

Knee Deep In You

Father Popcorn’s Magic Oysters ( new song )


Angel In Armoured Suit (new song )

Rags To Riches

Captain Of My Soul

All Lips N Hips

As soon as the band had walked off stage began the crew to prepare for Mustasch. A lot more people had turned up and it seemed to be a jammed evening that awaited the headline act from Gothenburg. Mustasch is really loved in Malmoe and it’s always fun to go and see the guys live because you don’t really know what’s going to happen. The band have toured themselves to success and it shows. The bands music also appeals to a various amount of people and I saw both guys in suits as well as teenage hard rockers with patches on their denim-vests checking out the band.



The intro to the bands monster hit “Double Nature” was played and the curtains dropped and unveiled the members which are:

Mats “Stam” Johansson – bass

Ralf Gyllenhammar – lead vocals, guitar

Danne McKenzie – drums

David Johannesson – guitar

The only remaining original members are Johansson and Gyllenhammar the other guys joined the band quite recently. Everyone in the audience sang a long in “Double Nature” that usually ends the show. “Mine” followed shortly which after Gyllenhammar said it was time to play something old and fired off their breakthrough hit “Down In Black”. Gyllenhammar seemed to be really happy with the amazing respond he and the band got back from the fans. “The Man The Myth The Wreck” and “Heresy Blasphemy” followed and just as in the previous songs did the fans sing a long in these ones too. As always ran Gyllenhammar around on stage and he was everywhere at the same time and he’s a maniac on stage. The only rest he got was when he stood with one foot on a box beside the mic stand and firing up the fans to sing louder. Gyllenhammar asked if we liked heavy metal in Malmoe and the audience screamed YES, well, said Gyllenhammar I can’t hear you and everyone shouted YES even louder. Well, that was nice because we’re a heavy metal band said Gyllenhammar and say hello to our drummer McKenzie.



Gyllenhammar dedicated the song “Monday Warrior” to everyone that worked at the club this night. Johansson fired off a bass solo in the middle of “Falling Down” and Gyllenhammar told us to say hello to Johansson. Gyllenhammar went off stage during the solo and when the solo was over he came back and announced the song “Deep In The Woods” and “Bring Me Everyone”. The ecstatic crowd almost overpowered Gyllenhammar’s lead vocals. Gyllenhammar said it was time for some serious sing a long and sang la,la,la and told us to follow and then ma,ma,ma and everyone followed him singing ma,ma,ma,malmoe. At last was he satisfied and he thought that it was time to do some serious singing and kicked off “Accident Blackspot”. During the song jumped he down to the photo pit while playing his guitar and singing the song.

Gyllenhammar is a really fun guy to see live on stage and you never know what he’s going to do. He is a great front man that doesn’t take him or the band too seriously and he is not afraid to laugh and joke around. Songs that then followed was “Damn Its Dark”, “I Hunt Alone” and the new single “Angel’s Share” taken from the new album THE NEW SOUND OF THE TRUE BEST. That song closed the show and 60 minutes of crazy and fun was over.





Everyone in the venue screamed for encores and since the band can’t say no to their fans came everyone up on stage again to play some more hardrock. “I Lied” was the first encore that the band dragged out for a long time. One thing that the band is really found of is to do long solos and extend many of their songs which can get a little tiring to listen to sometimes. At the end of the song fetched Gyllenhammar Franco Santunione from Electric Boys up on stage and told him to play solo guitar. Gyllenhammar also instructed him how to stand properly and with properly Gyllenhammar meant to stand with one foot on the box down below the mic stand. Johannesson also took of his guitar and hand it over to Bloom so that he and Santunione could duel on stage and altogether did the song clock in on about 10 minutes. The last song for the night was the brilliant “Black City” that sure is a partystarter. It was a pretty beat and sweaty but happy band that thanked Malmoe and the fans for a great night when the song was over.





This was 90 minutes of amazing music and Mustasch didn’t let me down this time either. It’s a safe card to go and see Mustasch because you know they won’t let you down. The sound and the lighting was perfect and the only minor negative thing was the large amount of new songs mainly taken from their self titled grammy award winning album MUSTASCH from 2009 but that would be the only thing. It feels like a winning concept to put together Electric Boys and Mustasch in a tour package, you get the best of two worlds. Make sure to see these two great acts if they’re coming to your town.

Set list


Double Nature


Down In Black

The Man The Myth The Wreck

Heresy Blasphemy

Monday Warrior

Falling Down

Deep In The Woods

Bring Me Everyone

Accident Blackspot


Damn It’s Dark

I Hunt Alone

Angel’s Share


I Lied

Black City




Thanks to Kristian Kornhage, head of press at KB and Thanks to Totte Lundgren head of Kb for help with press/photo press. Also thanks to the entire club with staff/security for the kindness.

Also a huge thank you to the nice staff and crew at the club for nice treatment at Kulturbolaget.

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