Metal Chainsaw Massacre (Obituary, Grave, Pathology) – Helsinki Finland

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The 7th of March 2011

Nosturi, Helsinki Finland

Obituary visited Finland for the first time almost twenty years ago with Dismember and Napalm Death. The venue was totally packed and the crowd went totally beserk. Since then, Obituary have constantly visited Finland, apart from those years when they were on hiatus. Last summer the Floridian death metallers played at the Tuska Open Air festival delivering a killer gig in front of an insane and enthusiastic crowd. The sweat was running and the temperature was insane hot. Obviously the death metal veterans may have fallen in love with Finland as the five-piece returned back for a couple of support bands.

Unfortunately the venue wasn’t even near to sold out. Instead approximately 200 people had crawled to testify those three bands. That was an unexpected low turnout as these bands should have drawn more people to the show. However there were a plenty of other metal gigs booked in a town for example Sonata Arctica and also Onslaught. Obviously the competition is getting harder and harder.

Before the legendary death metallers conquered the stage, Pathology, representing the young generation of death metal, opened the night. The hyper activate singer  raged on the stage. As for the musical approach it was definitely indeed brutal and uncompromising death metal to the bone. The singer’s brutal cookie and even monotonous growling didn’t sound that tempting after all. However Pathology showed how the technical new school death metal should be played.  

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The Swedish long time death metallers Grave have undergone several line-up changes since returning to the limelight. However Ola Lindgren has soldiered on with Grave by putting out brutal albums one after another. The four piece did both the newer and of course older material during a 45 minute set. The old material is definitely classic for sure, but to be honest the newer material stands the test of time. Despite the line up changes Grave have been able to maintain the quality high. Ola Lindgren’s voice truly sounded raw and deadly.   

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Obituary had faced some changes in the line-up since last summer’s Tuska appearance. Steve Digiorgio handled the bass duties at Tuska and now is replaced by the former Six Feet Under bass Terry Butler.  John Tardy is known for his vicious and insane tormenting vocals. He moved relentlessly on the stage and banged his massive hair. As for Terry Butler replacing Steve Digiorgio, well seriously Digiorgio would have been a suitable replacement for Obituary. Terry Butler remained more in his own and was almost invisible in the corner of the stage. The guitarist wizard Ralph Santolla has adopted the more guitar god role in the band. When watching his playing it made wonder why he is in a death metal band. Apparently his passion toward the extreme metal is incontrovertible. Trevor Peres with the beard kept banging his long hair-mop. As Steve Digiorgio stated about Obituary in the interview here in, Obituary is AC/DC of death metal. Yes, Obituary has been true and loyal to their roots. The sounds are easy to be recognized. There is no expectation from Obituary to alter their sounds and the way of doing the traditional old school death metal. The band is basically an institution of death metal of the swampland of Florida.    

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