AEON, Cerebral Bore, Flayed Disciple, Ancient Ascendant, Trenchhead, Engorgement at MASS Brixton

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AEON, Cerebral Bore, Flayed Disciple, Ancient Ascendant, Trenchhead, Engorgement at MASS BRIXTON

25th April 2011

Review: Sabrina Dersel

Six bands of Death Metal for Easter Monday is the best treat you can get tonight!

Get your ears ready to bleed !!

Starting the festivities are, TrenchHead, a five piece DeathMetal/Hardcore band from London.



The lack of audience doesn’t help to get into their music, as for most opening bands.


It is hard to get into their sound, maybe something is missing… like originality?


Engorgement follow, and the mood starts to warm up.


The Brutal Death band fronted by Singer Putrid James, shares with us the titles of their songs and it brings laughter to the few people in the room.



“Full Body Prolapse”, ”Cranial Devourment”, ”Gutted Entrail Regurgitation” to name a few are played with conviction and fun.

The next band brings suddenly more people in the room. The progressive Death Metal sound of Ancient Ascendant is a big step up in tonight’s gig.


Their good presence on stage, as well as a neat playing definitely makes them very interesting for a first time listener.




Fans of Carcass and Decapitated will find here a new band to discover and enjoy if not done already.


Definitely a band to follow! I know I will!

Flayed Disciple takes the atmosphere even higher tonight,and play some great stuff.


Vocalist Tim “Death Grindin Chuddin” definitely captures your attention with his low gutturals.



The band is very solid together, and even enjoys more fun with guest singer Alex; and when those two sing together the energy grows and dark electricity is definitely in the room.



The newly signed to Earache Records Cerebral Bore is a surprise for me as a young woman is fronting this Scottish Brutal Death Metal band.


Singer Simone “Som” is nowhere shy and quickly has a few fans headbanging right in front of her, looking like a worshipment!




The riffs are strong and very powerful; with assurance on stage and they seem to enjoy every second of it!

The late evening ends with Swedish brutal sound of Aeon. This is the crowning of a night that didn’t have a big turn up by the audience but still a good and very loud atmosphere.


This is a band with very fast and brutal riffs, drums and singing. The lovers of this genre will find with Aeon the ear destruction Brutal Death Metal awaits.

All in all, tonight was the best way to spend this long Easter week end, seeing Death Metal bands in the Brixton Mass church had something of a comical connotation.


This was a well put together event from Aeon Promotions and I m begging for more!