Crimson Glory statement regarding the passing of Matt LAporte

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Florida metalers Crimson Glory have released the following statements on the rec…ent passing of guitarist and friend, Matt La Porte:

“We were all deeply saddened to learn of Matt’s untimely departure from this realm. He left indelible marks on the lives of the people who knew him, both as a highly accomplished musician and a true friend. He was a great teacher and an eager friend, and always wanted to help with the band in any way. He truly dedicated himself to the people and the music he was passionate about, and he always added a unique element of comedic revelry, coupled with a certain melancholy depth that can only come from someone who has loved and lost in the ways that Matt La Porte has. He stuck to his guns and he stuck by his friends, and he will be very sorely missed by all of us.”

“Matt was my dear friend, as well as my introduction to Crimson Glory.” “I’m so glad to have collaborated on other musical projects with him. If it weren’t for him, a lot of people wouldn’t be in the bands they’re in: Circle II Circle, Jon Oliva’s Pain, and of course my involvement with Crimson Glory. He’s the one who introduced Crimson Glory’s music me, and this whole thing that I’m inolved in is because of Matt. I’m so thankful to have had him in my life.”

“I am deeply saddened by the loss of my good friend. He was a beautiful, passionate, generous, witty human being, and an ultra-talented guitarist. I was always impressed with his guitar skills, but even more impressed by how generous and nice he was to all his friends and fans around him.

We became good friends after the passing of Midnight, and having him perform with us at Prog Power X for Midnight’s benefit was very special. He always said that he felt so honored to have had the opportunity to be Midnight’s friend and to write music with him, and we shared those same sentiments. He shared with me about how amazing it was to just hear these incredible, creative ideas and songs coming out of Midnight, and he helped him turn them from ideas into tangible recordings that we otherwise might not have ever heard. Indeed, he truly revered and loved Midnight and his body of work with Crimson Glory, and it was only natural that he was able to help us find Todd La Torre: the new voice and the personality to fill Midnight’s shoes and get CG back on track.

Matt gifted us with many priceless things, from his friendship and commitment to our endeavors, to Midnight’s recordings, to the introduction of Todd La Torre. I remember how excited he was about Todd, and he had every right to be.

Matt had a keen ear for talent and was a spectacular guitarist as well, and I was always humbled by how much he admired my songwriting and guitar playing with Crimson Glory; he always made me feel so much more special than I ever thought I was. I think he had that effect on everybody who knew him.

It’s very difficult to start our 25th Anniversary tour on the heels of such sorrowful news, but I find solace knowing he is at peace transcending the electric skies with his dear friend, Midnight. I can still see his big, bright, beautiful sky-blue eyes sparkling with stars, and I will always remember him that way…”

“I am so saddened by the news last night of the passing of my good friend and much admired musician/guitarist Matt Laporte… He was the brilliant guitar player of Jon Oliva’s Pain, Circle II Circle, numerous other bands and honorary third guitarist of Crimson Glory when we played live for Midnight’s memorial concert at prog power. We all loved and admired Matt and were happy to have his presence in our band to help us through a hard time. Matt introduced us to our new singer, Todd La Torre, helping to make a bright new beginning possible for Crimson Glory. His presence will remain with us forever, along with all his friends and fans he left behind. R.I.P. Matt Laporte Your friend, Ben Jackson”

“Matt was a great technical player, yet his delivery was one of great feeling. Off stage, his quirky, dry sense of humor had me in stitches. I’m going to miss that guy. RIP, Matt.”

“My heart is heavy for the loss of my friend Matt La Porte. He was an incredible guitarist and a wonderful human being! I will miss him.
Rock in Peace Matt!!”


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