Omen Signs Deal With DSN Music

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LAS VEGAS, NV – The legendary hard rock and heavy metal group Omen has signed an exclusive digital distribution deal with DSN Music, featuring their latest release “Hammer Damage”. The new album will be the 11th from the veteran rockers, who consist of Matt Story on vocals, guitarist and founder Kenny Powell, bassist Andy Haas, and Wampa on drums.

“We are extremely excited about signing with DSN Music” said Omen’s Kenny Powell. “This release will be a ride straight into the glory days of Metal, no compromises, take no prisoners!”

Omen was formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1983, by lead guitarist Kenny Powell; previously with the rock group Savage Grace and signed on with Metal Blade Records in 1984, and released their debut album “Battle Cry”. In 1985 the second album “Warning Of Danger” followed, building up Omen’s reputation as one of the forefathers of power metal acts, such as Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth, and Slayer. In 1986, Omen’s successes lead to the release of the blockbuster album “The Curse” on Capital Records. The hit single “Thorn In Your Flesh” from their release “Escape To Nowhere” topped the metal charts in 1985.

Omen continued releasing an incredible collection of heavy metal masterpieces over the years, as well as building a loyal fan base via successful worldwide tours.

“We are pumped to have Omen join the DSN family” said DSN Music President Guy Giuliano. “Omen was one of the pioneers of the power metal genre and we’re proud to give them a global platform for their latest offerings”.

Omen enjoyed national broadcast airplay from the famed rock radio network Z-Rock, thanks to the devotion of high profile jocks like Madd Maxx Hammer, Wild Bill Scott, and Jason Lee Tipton. “Omen’s Thorn in Your Flesh was getting a lot of airplay and their sound created a lot of excitement and generated great phones!” said Tipton. Records sales soared in markets where the Z-Rock network was carried, fueling a national following for the group.

“We are seeing a new generation of rockers worldwide discovering Omen via digital technology and other forms of entertainment media” said Giuliano. Omen’s classic single “The Axeman” from their debut release “Battle Cry” was recently featured on the soundtrack for the heavy metal themed video game “Brütal Legend”.

Omen’s “Hammer Damage” is scheduled for a summer release and will be available via online and mobile stores such as, iTunes,, Verizon, and hundreds more worldwide.

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