CHTHONIC & EVILE, Shrapnel @ Underworld, London

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CHTHONIC & EVILE, Shrapnel @ Underworld, London

Friday 18th March 2011

Review: Jo Blackened

On arrival to the Underworld it wasn’t surprising seeing the queue going down the street & right around the corner of the venue. There was a great energy outside tonight and after a slight delay with opening time, you could feel everyone’s anticipation in getting in and hitting the bar!

I wasn’t sure how tonight was going to go, seeing two thrash metal bands supporting a symphonic black metal band, but I am pleased to say it worked for tonight’s gig. 


The Underground was quickly filled & I was surprised to see how many photographers were fighting back-stage to find their spaces. I’ve shot here a few times now and I’m sure every time I go it gets more and  more packed, with people fighting for space, but with so many metal venues’ closing in London it’s no surprise smaller venues are taking on bigger bands.

First on tonight were Shrapnel, a pretty standard UK thrash metal band.


They were a great first support band, who really got the crowd growing with great energy and enthusiasm onstage.

The crowd took to them well and it was noticeable the vocalist had a few too many drinks back-stage, but no-one seemed to care, especially as he decided to bring the booze on stage with him!

With great stage presence, fast riffs & aggressive vocals they definitely set the standard for tonight.

Their 30 minute set went by fast & left a very eagerly crowd chanting for more metal!

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Co-headling tonight are Evile; one of the best thrash metal bands around at the moment, in my opinion.


It was no surprise to see so many of their fans here tonight, despite only playing here recently.

Although some of the crowd seemed less impressed and seeing their reactions, the band joked saying some of them looked they wanted to go home! Again I think this shows the importance of bands complementing each other, as it was clear some fans were only here to see Chthonic, but the Evile fans showed enough support for them all.

Evile are amazing live.


They play tight & have a great, fun atmosphere about them.


With lack of security around , everyone was jumping on stage into the crowd with some impressive crowd surfing, which is pretty common for The Underworld!


A fantastic set by the Evile guys!

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After a break & some sound technical problems, Chthonic finally came on stage.

With full make up, but more casual clothes these guys know how to make an impression and the crowd went crazy for them!

I found it ironic that the name Chthonic is a Greek word which refers to the Earth and has implications to the underworld & here they are playing at The Underworld!

I’ve not seen these guys play before and seeing them onstage you can tell instantly they have a lot of gig practice; moving around the stage in almost a choreographed style & posing well for photos.

They are a fantastic black metal band mixing their Taiwanese style well into the metal genre, with some very impressive growls.


They mainly played tracks from their 2009 release album ‘Mirror of Retribution’, but this being a fantastic album, it made for a good choice.


The gorgeous bassist, Doris aka ‘Thunder Tears’ looked amazing & kept the crowds energy up well, showing her impressive backing vocals as well as her bass playing skills!

It wasn’t long until vocalist ‘Fredie aka ‘Left Face of Maradou’ took his top off to reveal a rather well toned torso, which seemed to get some of the girls attention and a few screams from the crowd!

Keyboardist CJ aka ‘Dispersed Fingers’ seemed to keep to himself, staying back from the stage & not showing much energy really, but played extremely well.

It was also a shame the drummers at the Underworld are usually hidden away in the back as Dani aka ‘Azathothian Hands’ looked amazing in full make up and cyber mask.


Doris & guitarist Jesse aka ‘The Infernal’ moved around the stage well, swapping sides regularly & interacting well with the crowd.

I really enjoyed their set tonight, right up to the end really…then for me they went slightly downhill.

They seemed to leave their set and stage rather abruptly, with no encore and leaving the crowd standing there looking at each other wondering if that was the end?

For me, this was a bit disheartening, especially after such a great performance from the other bands. It was soon discovered the guys had been traveling all day & were back on the road straight after the gig, so no wonder they wanted to get out there seeing as it was nearly 11pm already.

But despite that it was a great night and no surprise the merchandise stalls sold out of the touring t-shirts! These guys will be playing some UK festivals this year, so if you haven’t seen them already I highly recommend you do!

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