ANATHEMA, North Atlantic Oscillation @ Scala, London

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North Atlantic Oscillation @ Scala, London

17th March 2011

Review: Danny Draper

It was another bitter night for those traveling to the lofty heights of The Scala this evening. Massive queues were forming and the touts were out in force for this sold out event. Anathema with support from North Atlantic Oscillation!


North Atlantic Oscillation were a great choice of support band. I’d never heard of them or their music before, but now I’m interested. They graced the stage with assurance with this very progressive style of music.


It was haunting at times when sounds and vocals would echo through this theatre of sound. They’ve only made two releases; an EP and a LP released last year called ‘Grappling Hooks’. If the songs they played tonight are on either of these, I would recommend purchasing if you like music that is of the same vein as Anathema.


NAO are not a rip off, as they have their own unique style, and they do it well. At times the music was the leader and the musicians were mere conduits for sound, it was all very enthralling.



After a short break and a refuel of an alcoholic beverage, Anathema hit the stage, to rapturous applause and cheers from the packed to the rafters Scala.


This is not an exaggeration, it’s not the biggest place in the world, but a sardine would have been refused entry because it was so busy!

They opened with Thin Air and Summernight Horizon and kept on trucking through the whole of the latest album, We’re Here Because We’re Here. It was a thoughtfully entertaining experience, a masterful album.


They then left the stage briefly and returned to another echoing round of applause. Vincent Cavanagh then asked if we were now ready for some “Old Shit” and indeed the crowd was.


Playing through a set-list of Deep, Pitiless, Forgotten Hopes, One Last Goodbye, Release and Flying, they left the stage again only for Danny Cavenagh to return alone with his brothers acoustic to do a, as he stated, “Cliché” rendition of Pink Floyds “Wish You Were Here”.


They finished with Closer, A Natural Disaster and Fragile Dreams to thunderous applause.

An amazing night of music, both bands were awesome and highly entertaining, but Anathema pipped NAO to the post!