NILE, Melechesh @ O2 Islington Academy, London

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NILE, Melechesh

@ O2 Islington Academy, London

13 February 2011

Review by Danny Draper

Trying to find to the O2 Academy was a bit of fun; I have never been before and didn’t realise that it’s pretty much inside a shopping centre!

Once I had arrived on this cold wet night, I was shocked to find out that three of the bands were not performing, due to a travel mishap on the way to the venue.  But, in my opinion, two of the best bands had made it!


Melechesh were first on. A very good band, the theme of the music was befitting of the headliners, but Melechesh’s sound has more of an Arabic/Indian feel to it but it still manages to ignite fury in the pit.


They are extremely gifted and talented musicians, with a very good sound provided by Nile’s sound engineer.



They provide more bounce to tonight’s proceedings.


It was shocking to hear from front man Ashmedi that this was their first time playing in London, for me, they should come back real soon!


Sadly, their bus with Merchandise never made it along with their sound-man! But they still played relentlessly finishing with ‘Rebirth of the Nemesis’; a song written about the dragon ‘Tiamat’, it ripped the venue a new one!


These guys are awesome live.

If you like Nile, I’m pretty sure you’d appreciate these guys too.

Nile; Powerful, Godlike, NILE!


Their riffs pulverise the crowd, opening with ‘Kafir’ from their last album "Those Whom…" Nile were on form tonight.


I think the only complaint I could have was about the sound, nigh on perfect except the fact that there was the high and the low end, but nothing in the middle, we need more middle!!!


The light show was great, perfectly complementing the dark and sludgy riffs straight from the valley of kings! The crowd were of a good size too, it was packed out but there was still room to head bang and more importantly, get to the bar!


Even the mezzanine which is usually empty was filled to the rafters. Without a doubt, it was a very impressive show.


Their set included a tribute to ‘Gary Moore’, the late ‘Thin Lizzy’ guitarist and ‘Black Seeds of Vengeance’. Highlights for me were a ferocious version of ‘Hittite Dung Incantation’ and ‘4th Arra of Dagon’ which had an almighty foot stomping, fist pumping end to it!


With some bands not making it and the weather being less than good, these two bands made us completely forget the outside world, amazing show, amazing music.


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