EVILE, Elimination, Mutant @ Camden Underworld

EVILE, Elimination & Mutant

@ Camden Underworld

13th February 2011

Review by Alex Agamoth

Sunday gigs are a blessing in disguise really, especially if you are having a hell of a bad weekend and everything concrete is collapsing under your feet! So what’s better than going to hell with a perfect soundtrack?  Here it is a night to remember for quite sometime!

Evile with Elimination & Mutant; pure British Thrash Metal non stop!

A unique fist in the face that makes an old metalhead like me feel as Bay Area Thrash is just happening in front of my very eyes.   

First on stage was Mutant.  A really impressive and young thrash act from west London.


As for sure they have history behind them, they are definitely planning to give us gems of fast and furious metal for year to come!  From their first note, Mutant dragged everyone into an endless storm of powerful moshing and head banging.

They offered a very perfect blend of melodies and aggression; their performance is tight and fist in everyone face, pleasing the crowd with every single song.

Thrash is a denomination of fun and crazy party mode and Mutant have achieved its purpose.

Next up on stage are Elimination from Ipswich.  They are full on confident and do make their set shine through.


If I could be subjective I’d say that they reminded me of the Diamond Head and the very NWOBHM.

As they are properly indulging in Judas / Maiden / Saxon overall attack, but way faster.

A special horns up to the drummer as he is definitely a unstoppable bone crusher behind his kit.  The band is far more melodic and epic.


They had a different crowd reaction, but definitely the band has managed to conquer them all at the end.  A band to keep an eye on for future events.

Definitely I have heard many opening track intros before the main band comes on stage, but I would have never expected “Rambo” theme as carpet for a ferocious assault from Evile!


I have never had the chance to see them live, so I was quite thrilled to see them performing.

What has immediately taken my attention is their high level or professionalism, yet with a good hint of positive humour. The have managed to blend a various branches of Metal in their sound and composition and it definitely shines though tonight.


Not a single second to let the crowed rest as their sound tonight capture and drives insane every single person in the venue.


Stage diving is a must; esp at The Underworld!


Amazingly I have to say that Evile are UK National Thrash Flag Holders. ‘First Blood’ kicks in and the crowd go wild. Blasting riffs non stop, drumming of the purest to the genre. If at this point we were hit by Mutant and Elimination, now we are in front of a death squad, ready to be reduced to mince.



Needless to say the guitar solos are hell fast and astonishing!


‘Plague To End All Plagues’, sing a long on ‘We Who Are About To Die’, the special treat given with an unreleased song from the following up album “Bitch”, which settled down the fundamentals for what will be a great UK Thrash Metal Album and the finale, ‘Killer From The Deep’ were the perfect high lights of the night.

Evile are an unstoppable, fast thrash metal machine.

When a real and good thrash metal band put on a show, it does overshadow everything else. I have experienced the birth of a new thrash scene: New Wave of British Thrash Metal!

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