Warseid – Sentry (EP)

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Reviewed: April 2011
Released: 2010, Self-released
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

I can certainly appreciate it when bands put some effort into their promotional packages whenever sending them out to labels, media and so forth. Warseid, this 4-piece ´symphonic folk metal´ act (as they want their stuff to be described) from Madison, Wisconsin, has done more than their fair share to put together an exemplary promotional package, including basically everything possible one would need to know about both their past and current achievements – along with the actual CD which their promotional campaign has strictly aimed for.

SENTRY, this 8-track effort from the band, unfortunately impressed me way less than I expected it to impress me in the first place. I expected their music to be like something along the lines of Moonsorrow, Finntroll, Korpiklaani and the Viking era of Bathory – wrapped up with some symphonic-driven elements a lá Avantasia, Stratovarius, etc., but did not get that.

Having some synth parts and just a small dose of accordion thrown in, neither necessarily guarantees you to live up any kinds of expectations – nor give much justification either to call your stuff ´symphonic folk metal´ – no matter how much one would love that term and want to see your band under that one specific sub-genre of metal music. Of course certain terms of music may attract some people to check out your music more readily, but then again it´s relatively pointless to mislead people too by calling your music by this-or-that if you cannot live up people´s expectations as to how you band TRULY sounds like in reality, of course!

Enough about any kind of lectures and rants for a moment though. Pardon me if I am completely wrong, but to me the songs on Warseid´s EP sound more like black metal than anything else (mainly probably due to harsh black metal type of vocals) – added with some pretty well made instrumental interludes (especially “Voyager” earns some extra attention for sure), a few clean singing parts and occasional thrash and traditional heavy metal riffs squeezed in. Momentarily Warseid manages to get some of their song parts even decently flowing, but most of the time they sound like a band that has lost its focus on not doing just one style, but trying incorporate too many elements in – and eventually failing to deliver their goods well enough basically.

Their ultimate crime seems to be that they have tried their young wings on several things (the last instrumental song, “Halls of Crimson Ice”, is a somewhat over-the-top effort from them), and simply way too early, and therefore the final outcome ends up being a relatively dull, messy, uninspired – and first and foremost, unfocused. These guys try too hard, I think. Also, even a better and more professional production wouldn´t have stopped this EP from sinking into my endless pit of releases that only end up gathering dust in my CD racks.

Just wished I had more positive things to be said about Warseid´s EP, but I did not. Best of luck to them anyway with their future endeavours…


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Track Listing:
01. A Northward Egress
02. Autumn Winds
03. Voyager
04. Winter Legions
05. The Waltz of King Bigtroll
06. The King\’s Irreverence
07. Ascension
08. Halls of Crimson Ice

Logan Smith – Vocals and rhythm guitar
Joe Meland – Keyboards, lead guitar, vocals and accordion
Kyle Cushman – Bass
Kellan Hilscher – Drums