Swollen Eye View – Perpetual Slaughter

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Reviewed: April 2011
Released: 2011, Self-released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Swollen Eye View? What kind of a band name is that? Sounds like a weekend badly gone wrong – waking up alone from your home, feeling miserable in hangover after fighting severely with your girlfriend last night – and eventually getting punched straight in your eye at the end of the fight by your loved one. Ha-ha, wherever these 5 Finns got the idea to name their band as Swollen Eye View from, I still think it´s a cool band name – definitely way better than Grand Master Ass-Blaster and/or the Pimp-Slap Crew anyway.

Swollen Eye View digs old recipes; the recipes of old-school death metal to be more precise. Mostly fast-paced, raw and straightforward are what´s been written in the band´s own death metal delivery – spiced up with both snarling type of black metal and guts inside-out turning, growling death metal vocals.

When it comes to the band´s 4-track EP titled PERPETUAL SLAUGHTER, there´s lots of unrelenting energy and enthusiasm involved in S.E.V.´s songs, and it´s always a good thing to have those elements in your songs whenever you want to gain some attention among the extreme type of music fans. Undoubtedly S.E.V.´s musical slaughtering appeals to many – and in fact, I couldn´t help liking them quite a bit myself either. The band´s sort of early-Deströyer-666-meets-early-Sadistic-Intent-meets-Abhorrence(Fin) screams to be licked and sucked – just no matter whether you have heard the type of stuff they do, millions or zillions of times before. It´s still all good – and getting your tiny kicks out of this pretty revolting and brutal sounding slab of old-school death metal is pretty much guaranteed, too.

Swollen Eye View don´t bring any new dark and frightening clouds to a stormy sky any more, but they are still able to raise a quite convincing thunderstorm by themselves with their downright honest, old-school-ish and relatively primitive death metal. So, just go ahead and lick, suck, bite – whatever, ´em!


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Track Listing:
01. Mutilated Body Anatomy
02. Graveyard Silence
03. Savage Resurrection
04. Death Run

Sami Risku – Vocals
Jaakko Karppinen – Guitar
Kari Lehtinen – Guitar
Simo Hautamäki – Bass
Jussi Samppala – Drums