Agnosys – Alterations

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Reviewed: April 2011
Released: 2011, Great Dane Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Agnosys from France, did impress me quite a bit almost 7 years ago by their 4-track EP titled EQUILIBRIUM. I was making some musical references to the past Gothenburg metal scene, in which bands like Sacrilege, At The Gates, Ceremonial Oath, etc., started adopting more melodic elements into their death metal. Now – in 2011 Agnosys´ debut album, ALTERNATIONS, has finally been recorded, and getting ready to be released on Great Dane Records, located in France as well.

Since the days of their EP, gone are Maxime and Julien from the line-up who have been replaced by Nicolas Bosc (on vocals) and Sylvain (on bass). Gladly this has not had much effect on the band as they still really hit home by their strongly early NWOSD-flavored songs on ALTERNATIONS. Take for example a song called “Towards a Crimson Gorged Progeny”, in which some early Necrophobic and Unanimated influences do stick through in a pleasing way, the whole band giving something of their very own to this song as well.

Also, I cannot help but admire Agnosys´ attempts to take their troops away from the mainstream sound – sort of trying to direct their loaded mix of black/thrash/death missiles towards a more unorthodox and avantgard-ish areas, to get that unique aspect attached into their stuff they do. Trying to be original – and having something of your very own in your music you do, is naturally important and essential in a long run, and in my honest opinion Agnosys has quite well achieved that goal within their debut album. They haven´t really been afraid of stretching their own sound here and there, making it possible to get some extra depth and layers involved in the final result. Those clean signing and soft choir parts work amazingly well in the opening track, “From The Heights, From The Depths”, providing some nice variety and depth to the song – plus, a vast use of unexpected timings in between different song parts are something that testify to great musicianship in Agnosys.

Based on my high expectations of the band´s very promising EQUILIBRIUM 4-track EP, ALTERNATIONS ain´t a letdown album from them by any means. It greatly lives up the standards they already set for themselves with their EP, so I have no other choice left but recommend you to check out Agnosys´ debut album.

Looks like France is becoming a really potential and noteworthy metal country these days, Agnosys being proof of all that.


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Track Listing:
01. From the Heights, from the Depths
02. Towards a Crimson Gorged Progeny
03. Inborn Defects
04. Sons of the Void
05. Banished
06. Le Lac
07. The Ghost Within
08. Tantaλοσ,ς

Nicolas Bosc – Vocals
Cédric Mallet – Guitar
Stéphane – Guitar
Sylvain – Bass
Fabrice – Drums