MOON (Australia) signs with MORIBUND, release date set

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Today, MORIBUND RECORDS announces the signing of Australia’s MOON, dark occult black metal from one Miasmyr. The band’s first release for MORIBUND shall be Caduceus Chalice, set for release on June 28th. MOON’s Caduceus Chalice pervades a hypnotic sense of obscure mysticism within a dark ambience of distorted screams, cavernous echoes and entrancing pulse. Ceremonial Magick, invocations of spirits, glorifications of darkness, underworld realms and apocalyptic apparitions are the basis for this astral visionary experience. Breeding the unlife in archaic worlds, MOON is an ode to darkness and its spirit.


Obscure black metal from Brisbane, Australia, MOON is the visionary experience of ceremonial magick and astral projection. It works through transcendent hypnosis and bleak atmospheres.


Formed in 2007 by one Miasmyr, MOON stirred interest in the underground black metal scene for its ethereal spirit and raw but evocative sound. Three EPs were released, which sold well, and gained MOON a small following. The first full-length, Caduceus Chalice, was released on cassette in early 2010 and will be released on June 28th, 2011 on CD through MORIBUND RECORDS. MOON have been playing live since 2009, putting on dark and evocative shows in Brisbane.


Miasmyr has played in several black metal bands since 1999. Starting with the cult Catacomb, which played for many years in Brisbane, he has also played in Urgrund and Forn Valdyrheim. MOON, his solo project, also developed a strong following within its early life, starting with a compilation MCD called Magick Rituals from the Dutch label Svartgalgh Records. He went on to release a self-titled EP through Wolfsvuur (Netherlands) and two more MCDs, Apparitions and Blood. Following that, he featured as being the only black metal band on the Brismetal compilation with “Apparition III” from the Apparitions EP. Another split was released featuring MOON, Nekrosov and Nekros Manteia called The Haunting Resonance (Fall of Nature Records), which received good reviews for exhibiting black metal’s fringes with outside genres.


The new full-length Caduceus Chalice was released on limited-edition audio cassette through Wolfsvuur Records (Netherlands) in February 2010. It evokes the darkness of the underworld and necromantic summonings. It has the underground black metal sound like Elysian Blaze, Xasthur and Striborg.


MOON is currently getting together a new lineup to play more live shows in Australia.



All tracks written and recorded by Miasmyr (Paul Marsh) of MOON except for “The Caverns” track with guest percussionist Aciretose.

All releases have been mastered at Alchemix Studios ( by Marly Luske. Logo art and cover designs by Dirge (Kieran Gelders)

Live session players past and present: Aciretose – Drums,

Dirge – Bass

Daan – Guitar

James – Vocals

(Miasmyr – Guitar, vocals)

Krist – Drums

Karnull – Vocals


Musical Content

MOON’s descent into the occult is an unhinging and breaking down of the self to open the inner mind. Its representation of spirits and daemons are keys to unlocking gateways of the psyche; they eliminate meaning and structure of the rational mind so to free the self to be brought into the infinite realm of darkness. This takes place in the Astral Nightside and Regnum Spiritus (the spirit world). Much like in dreams, a breaking of continuity and hyper-association is found in the music.


Influences are taken from workings with well-known grimoires such as The Goetia and the Necronomicon and more contemporary works such as those by Ea Koetting and Michael W. Ford. The music is to serve as guided imagery for astral projection; much of the content is either an astral journey or ritual. Forest Samhain is one such ritual which takes place on the day of and in the place of its title; this is a ritual of necromancy and darkness.


The full-length title Caduceus Chalice is a reference to masculine and feminine symbolism which is used in numerous areas of the occult. They are used as such in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck and in Goetic Witchcraft. The chalice also represents introspection and the Astral Nightside; the song “Chalice” is one such journey into its abysmal depths.


Form and Style

MOON’s music thus far has been recorded by Miasmyr in his own basement studio. The approach to self-production aids in introspective expression. Many of the songs have grown over a period in atmosphere and character; it is this building of spirit that makes the music strong.


Often, the density is stripped back to help the layers and parts come through effectively. There is a combination of blending and layering parts to form unique timbres and tones. Effects on keyboards, guitar and vocals are vehicles only for the creation of a brooding sound; it is the drive of the arcane spirit that directs the development of the music.


The use of repetition and subtle development is a means to draw the listener into a hypnotic state. The different instrumental parts often play as entities, subtly influencing the dimension set up in the mind of the listener. Use of reverb creates space for the music to live and breathe, giving a cavernous echo to the sound overall. The choirs are a dominant and atmospheric element which has remained part of MOON’s sound from the beginning; they are characterized as spirits invoking the listener into a bleak and arcane demise and build greater dimension to this sanctum of unlife.


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