NEURONIA – “Follow The White Mouse” international release

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„Follow the White Mouse”, the newest album from Polish metallers Neuronia is now available internationally on Metal Scrap Records. The disc has been released on 21st March in an attractive collectible version. The band also plans to surprise their fans in Poland with a yet unknown surprise release.

The album features seven earblasting tracks of melodic post-death/doom metal with a distinguishing, individual sound. The intro and outro tracks were recorded by ex-Riverside keyboardist Jacek Melnicki, who also mixed and produced the album. Other distinguished guests also took part in recording, e.g. Paul (Pandemonium), who pitched in with guest vocals on ‘Make Them Die’ and Opath (Corruption, Leash Eye), who contributed with a guitar solo in ‘Faster’.


The international premiere of „Follow the White Mouse” took place on March 19. The album was released via Total Metal Records, a subdivision of Ukraine’s premier underground metal label Metal Scrap Records, operating since the mid-90s. Lately, Metal Scrap has also released international editions of works of highly respected Polish bands QUO VADIS and CRYPTIC.


The international version of the album features an enhanced 12-page booklet, and a laser pit-art engraving makes this CD a catch for every collector. The CD comes in an elegant jewelcase box. The album is readily available for purchase through Metal Scrap Records’ online shop (, as well as through many distributors in Europe, the Americas and Asia (full list of distributors available on the Metal Scrap Records’ website).


‘Metal Scrap is a perfect label for us. We’ve practically spoken the same language from the start of our negotiations and we’ve set all the details very quick’, says Neuronia’s singer, Maciek ‘Tektur’ Nawrot. ‘Suffice to say that we’ve signed the contract in mid-January, and two months later we’ve got the CD’s fresh from the pressing plant, and they sound – AND LOOK – brilliant!’


But this isn’t the end of Neuronia’s current release plans. The Warsaw-based band is going to surprise their Polish fans with a completely new recording. ‘I won’t divulge our plans, but I can assure everybody that this will be the first time that they will hear a non-English Neuronia’, Tektur concludes.


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