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Power Prog and Metal Fest
Power Prog and Metal Fest

The Power Prog and Metal Festival ( PPM Fest) is the beginnings of an idea of a music lover who took the crazy challenge to organize a festival in Belgium (in Wallonia) dedicated to a style relatively unknown to the public.

Indeed, Wallonia has always been a poor relation to face with Flanders, which has well established structures such as “Graspop Metal Meeting”, the “Metal Female Voices Fest” or “Alcatraz Metal Festival”.

Of course, “Dour Festival” is still one of the major summer music festival, but it is mainly devoted to alternative music and leaves two unused slots:

One of hard rock and metal, a style that remains very popular – for comparison, the Graspop brings together over one hundred thousand people each year in Flanders, many from across Europe.

The other is that a great musical event indoors, and occurring “off season” in relation to the many summer festivals.

With this in mind, the PPM fest aims to become a Walloon festival with international ambition, having nothing to envy from the best in terms of organization, professionalism, and a good quality of lineup.

During more than forty years of existence, the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal have often been underestimated or categorized as a minority in the music industry. That while we all still remember the songs of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, AC / DC, Metallica or Scorpions, whose ballads and tubes have been around the world and happiness of radios.

In this spirit, the PPM Fest wants to be a musical event of international standing in the context of MONS 2015 European Capital of Culture. It intends to offer, each year on the site LOTTO MONS EXPO, a quality music lineup as rich and attractive as the one proposed in 2010. Festival organizers intend in this way contribute to the efforts by all regional actors and make their way to add value.

The location of the city of Mons, near France, Brussels, Flanders, and reasonably remote from Germany or Holland, and facilities (roads and railways), make ideal for attracting a very important.

By implementing this festival in Mons organizers offer the city the opportunity to position themselves in first place for hosting world-renowned artists in Wallonia. Similarly, the city will actively participate in developing new talent, as many Belgian training will share the stage with famous names.

For the first edition, the PPM Fest had the honor of hosting one of the most iconic names in the Hard Rock and Metal scene since the mid 70s.

Indeed, the German group The Scorpions has agreed to play at the top poster of this first edition, 2010.

They came to Mons for a single date, before starting their world tour farewell in May, tour that will take place primarily in stages.

The show was impressive, both musically and visually. Moreover, the fact that this group has accepted the invitation of the organizers of the PPM Fest reflects the seriousness and commitment of the latter (Proof is, Scorpions will headline this year’s Graspop).

By bringing in a headliner of this magnitude, the organizers had a dual objective:

– Open the festival to a wider audience, as well as less specialized media;

– allow a less informed public to discover other high-quality training and give them the opportunity to bring their music to the greatest number.

Since the announcement of the PPM Fest held in Mons, and even before that are known the headliners, the festival has received numerous expressions of support and aroused great interest among all those involved in the dissemination of their favorite music. The enthusiasm of the public and the trade press shows that this festival has its place in our region.

The quality of lineup offered by the PPM Fest is certainly no stranger to this!

In addition to international stars such as the Scorpions, the festival was pleased to host a range of high quality European groups, most of which had not yet had the opportunity to play in Belgium. Internationally recognized band as the Italians DGM and ASTRA, the Norwegians of PAGAN’S MIND, the French of ADAGIO, the English PYTHIA (whose vocalist is one of six singers in the famous British group of medieval music MEDIEVAL Baebi) , the Germans Ivanoe and DREAMSCAPE and also the Belgians of VIRUS IV.

As you certainly understand from reading these few lines, the PPM Fest results of passionate commitment to music rather than a commercial transaction.

That said, gather the energies and skills of each, will allow all to reap the benefits of the festival, either by communicating a passion, by attending a special event, ensuring a degree of visibility or positioning in terms of cultural development. As the organizers are still convinced that Wallonia is a host country for all cultures, they hope to gain the support of everyone – both institutional and commercial – who will be the heart of this challenge with them


Program, animations…

April 30th 2011…

Doors Lotto Mons Expo will open at 10 am and from 10.30, the 17 groups will set, alternating possession of two scenes.

On site, the focus will be on music. However, many events will take place as photo exhibitions, stalls with comic book signing by the author, signing sessions with most of the artists and other surprises…

It is also possible to eat and drink with the presence of many stalls offering pastas, pizzas, burgers, fries, sandwiches and various drinks … And for those who wish, many stands merchandising, cd’s / dvd’s and others to allow “shopping” breaks.

A VIP area, ready for our partners, sponsors and celebrities, will be constructed. A particular care, an individual will be provided to accommodate disabled guests.



Europe (S)- Hammerfall (S)- Edguy(D)- Gamma Ray (D)- Rage (D)- Vandenplas (D)- Empyrios(I)- Mind Key(I)- Resistance(B)- Nightmare (F) – Max Pie (B) -Iron Mask (B/PL)- Ethernity (B)- Age of Torment (B) – Syrens Call (F) – Last Breath Messiah (B) – Stainless (B) – Blackout (B)

Communication Plan

A poster campaign and the distribution of flyers at each event (concert) of this type but also in Wallonia and Flanders in northern France. (Spirit 66, Forest National, Biebop, Hof Ter Lo, Zenith, …) (40,000 flyers A2 + 2,500 + 2,500 + 200 A1 + A3 banners …)

Banners placed in high-traffic locations such as fields along motorways, major intersections, shopping malls, …

Mobile advertising, in partnership with transport companies …

Radio ads on the largest partner channels and private radio stations and those officiating on the internet …

TV ads on national and regional chains … (under negotiation)

Inserts in magazines (Rock Hard magazine, Metallian, …)

Newspapers, boxes and all-private partners

The groups involved have also had their own network promotion (myspace, facebook, …) and will not fail to inform their Fan for their participation in this event.

And of course on the web:

Website dedicated: and

Numerous Webzines: Music in Belgium, MusicNet, …

Facebook page dedicated

Price and Sales Network

Several types of tickets will be sold:

– Tickets (basic) entitling site access: 55€ presale / 65€ on site

– Tickets”VIP”with access to the VIP area, drinks, food + good places for concerts. 300 ex. Maximum: 150€ only available in advance.

Tickets may be ordered directly through the festival site and on sites dedicated Ticketnet as Fnac, Sherpa, Night & Day … and of course, on site.



Mons station is close by, we hope to have free shuttles to the festival. (Station / Festival / Station)

Agreements with the campsite, near Vaux Hall and the youth hostel and some hotels are under negotiation.

Signposting from the main entrances to the city of Mons is expected.


General Manager : Antonio Carlino

Booster S.A.

22, Av. Wanderpepen

7130 Binche

Gsm : 0475/53.28.91

e-mail :

Fax : 064/65.08.95




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