CIPHER SYSTEM – Update and a new video from the recording of “Communicate the Storms”

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We haven’t really made any official anouncement regarding the release of our upcoming album “Communicate the Storms” even though we already have started to record it.

We grew tired of nothing happening to the band. No label wanted to sign us since we have been lazy not doing anything the last few years, (Line-up struggle has been the main reason) and bookers/promotors don’t want to touch us as our latest album came out 2004 =)  We thought we where sitting on a gold album in the making (we still do), but no label was willing to invest in our dream. So we came to the conclusion that we need to do this album our selves. If not only for our selves, then we do this for the people out there that really want to have a second album from us.

We aim to get Cipher System signed when we are done with the album in april. But in reality, that could take months and so could the release of the album! What we are saying is, keep faith in us and hear us when we say that we REALLY want to show you “Communicate the Storms” as soon as possible.

The rest of this week and the next is the last weeks of recording for the new album, then we enter Studio Fredman for a week of mix. Exciting times… =)

We have also just started working with Allen Wright at Go Down Believing booking, so we feel really .



More videos from the recordings can be found here.

New band photos can be found here:

Thank you for your support!!

Henric C.
on the behalf of Cipher System

Henric Carlsson
Musician in Cipher System

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