Oliver Weers – Release Party for the album EVIL’S BACK at The Rock Copenhagen Denmark 2011

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Oliver Weers – Release Party for  EVIL’S BACK


Stella Blackrose
Soren Andersen

The Rock



18/2 – 2011

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall



Oliver Weers is a German/British singer that competed in the 2007 Danish version of the X-Factor and even though he didn’t win the contest he won a lot of fans that got really angry when he was voted out. The network had no choice but to invite him back to perform in the final where he sung the Queen song “We Are The Champion” in such a wonderful way that many labels showed interest in signing him. Weers released his debut album in 2008 and he wrote the material together with his partner in crime Soren Andersen who produced and played guitar on the album. Familiar names that helped out on the album were Tommy Aldridge and Marco Mendoza. Later that year Weers opened for Motley Crue and Whitesnake when they visited Denmark. The debut album contains melodic hardrock that shows a lot of passion and energy and judging by the response Weers got in Denmark I’d say that he’s made quite a name of himself. Now it has been 3 years since the release of his debut album and during this time Weers switched record labels in Europe and he’s now signed to Metal Heaven but is still on Target Records in Denmark.

It took a while to get into the venue and it seemed like the club hadn’t counted on so many people would turning up to see Oliver Weers live. About a quarter to ten two drunken Danes went up on stage and welcomed us all to the release party for EVIL’S BACK and told us that the album was for sale at the club and that there was a certain Oliver Weers beer for sale in honour of this occasion.

Soren Andersen

Weer’s sidekick Soren Andersen has now gone solo and he was the first support act this night. Andersen wasn’t only great at guitars he also had a terrific lead vocal where he performed material from his up and coming solo album. He is a well known producer and songwriter and live guitarist and have produced albums with Mike Tramp, Artillery and Swan Lee to mention a few. His music could be defined as heavy rock in the vein of Lenny Kravitz. Sorensen performed for about 25 minutes and the audience seemed to be liking what they heard.





I also think he did a great job but it’s always hard to have an opinion about something you have never heard before. Straight after Sorensen had ended the show the drunk Danes came up on stage again and said that it was soon time for the next band – Stella Blackrose to enter the stage.

Stella Blackrose

Stella Blackrose didn’t waste any time and kicked off their minutes in the spotlight straight away and the audience really loved this band. There was a female on lead vocals that did a great job and Stella Blackrose’s music was of an alternative guitar-based rock that reminded me a lot of the music of Skunk Anansie. The members are:

Rebecca Louise Armstrong – lead vocals

Jacob Gundel – drums

Tryggve B Lund – bass

Kristian Lorentzen – guitar

This band was really popular and when they headed off stage after 30 minutes the crowd was really going and eager to see the evening’s main event.





Once again the two presenters came up and they told us, even more intoxicated than before, that the Oliver Weers beer contained 6.66% alcohol and that there were 5 bottles of free Jagermeister back in the bar to celebrate this event.



On one tv-screen was a film showed that presented Weers work with the album to the sounds of Dio coming out of the PA. Finally it was time for Weers to go on stage but first came a man up and told us about the security and that we should take care of each other.


Oliver Weers

The club welcomed Weers with cheers and shouts when he and the band came on stage, the members in the band are:

Laki Ragazas – guitar

Anders Bo Jespersen – guitar

Morten Hellborn – drums

Anders Borre Mathiesen – bass

Weers came out when the intro was playing and when it was over the band kicked off the first song for the night and it was the title track from the new album “Evil’s Back”. Weers used all of the stage to walk and run around on and he had the audience in the palm of his hand from the very start. There was no doubt that Weers was deeply loved by the Danish fans and when the show moved along with “All My Life” the crowd cheered even louder. The band felt tight and really solid and Weers voice sounded as always amazing. Weers was a great front man and it was pretty obvious that he knew how to handle a crowd. Weers talked in English in between the songs so that everyone could understand what he was saying and because he thought that he sucked on  speaking Danish and he said he thought that it was fun to see that so many were able to show up this night and to join him and the band for the release party. “Without You” followed and it was ballad that was pretty slow but the song was saved by Weers magical voice. Weers said that the new album contained more personal lyrics compared to what the debut did and the next song was taken from the new album and was called “Need It Bad”.





Both the lights and the sound worked in harmony and none of the members stood in darkness. A member that really should be mentioned was the guitarist Ragazas ashis guitar playing was amazing and he had a really cool approach on stage. Weers told us that one of his biggest influences was Ronnie James Dio and said that they wrote the next song shortly before Dio tragically past away and that they were gonna dedicate this song to one of the best singers in the world, the song is called “Rainbow Star”. It was a slow ballad that seemed to please the audience. There were now fences in front of the stage and that added intimacy to the gig.

Many of the fans started now to scream for Weers to sing “The Show Must Go On” by Queen which he also did at the X-factor show but Weers didn’t pay that any attention and kicked off “Much To Much”. Then followed yet another ballad in “Beautiful Rain” and the tempo turned again real slow. “Even Giants Cry” taken from the debut album followed as well as “First Day Of Our Lifes” also taken from the same debut album.





Rebecca Louise Armstrong from Stella Blackrose joined Weers on stage for the duet “Hero” which has all the potential to become a huge radio hit with their voices teamed up perfect together. “Demolition Man” was the last song but before the song began Weers introduced his band members. Weers thanked everyone as soon as he had ended the last song and then he and the band went off stage. Then both presenters came on stage again and asked if the fans wanted to hear more from Oliver Weers which everyone of course screamed YES . A really sweaty Weers and band returned to do another song which was “Devils Chain” and that song was the last and final song for the night. When it was all over Weers had been performing for about 65 minutes and everyone inside the club was now soaked in sweat because the heat had gone tropical.



What can be said about the night then? It was a terrific show and Weers really proved that he is a force to reckon with. He and his solid band have all the tools to go real far in the future. The new songs sounded really good and I think that Weers is a rising star on the melodic hardrock scene. If you are into melodic hardrock it’s definitely worth to checking out the music of Oliver Weers. EVIL’S BACK was released one week after this show.




Set list


Evil’s Back

All My Life

Without You

Need It Bad

Rainbow Star

Much To Much

Beautiful Rain

Miles Broken

Even Giants Cry

First Day Of Our Life


Demolition Man


Devils Chain


A big thank you to the booker and production manager at The Rock Camilla Blicher for help with press/photo pass, also a warm welcome to the rest of the staff at The Rock for great work and warm welcome.


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