Napalm Death with support act on European Tour 2011 at The Rock Copenhagen Denmark

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Napalm Death 
European Tour 2011

What Worms Inherit 

The Rock



8/2 – 2011

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall





The first show for the year for me was Napalm Death playing at The Rock in Copenhagen Denmark on a really cold winters night at the beginning of February. A lot of things had apparently happened at the club like a renovation and new staff. Napalm Death is out on a shorter European tour at the moment and they’re not out supporting a new album instead do they still tour at their last release from 2008 called TIME WAITS FOR NO SLAVE. I met up with guitarist Mitch Harris earlier during the day and I asked him if the band was working on any new material and he said that they are currently working on a new album. A few minutes after 8 o’ clock the doors opened and less than 30 minutes after it was time for the support act to enter the stage.

What Worms Inherit

It would be a lie to say that there were a lot of people in the club when the band kicked off their show but they did the best they could. The band members seemed to be really young and it felt like their music pointed in every possible metal direction. It felt like they couldn’t decide what kind of metal they were gonna play and it all felt like a combo of metal, mallcore and death metal. However the band had a few dedicated fans that stood at the front of the stage cheering for their favourite band to play harder and louder. 45 minutes was what the band got and I was pretty relieved when their show was over and many like myself had found the wonders of drinking a few beers in the bar instead of listening to What Worms Inherit.

While the support act was doing their thing more people had shown up and I could feel the excitement in the air and after only 30 minutes it was time to unveil the stage for the undisputed kings of grindcore Napalm Death.


Napalm Death

The band entered the stage and was warmly welcomed by the fans that cheered and clapped for their favourite band. The members are:

Mark “Barney” Greenway – lead vocals

Shane Embury – bass

Danny Herrera – drums

Mitch Harris – guitar

“Downbeat Clique” and “Hung” were the first two songs for the evening and they were shortly followed by the raging “Continuing War On Stupidity”. Speed is the keyword for Napalm Death’s music and the crowd quickly formed a circle pit in front of the stage. Barney looked really pleased when he caught his breath  and introduced the song “Next On The List”. Barney introduced the band members and said that we are Napalm Death from Birmingham England and he asked the guy that was responsible for the smoke machine to PLEASE calm down it up with the smoke because it was hard for the band to see the stage and hard for the fans to see the band because of all the smoke.






The band only used a small part of the quite large stage and Barney ran around and swirled his way through the show. Everyone who has seen Barney in action knows about his characteristical moves on stage. Barney said that the band basically were gonna play the same songs as they did the last time they were in Copenhagen and the fans all cheered when he announced the songs “If The Truth Be Known” and “Lucid Fairytale”. Needless to say,the crowd was ecstatic and the madness continued on during songs like “Social Sterility” and “On The Brink Of Extinction”. Before they began to play the song “On The Brink Of Extinction” Barney said that we are all thinking human beings and whether we choose to believe in God, ghosts or Darwin it is the naked truth that we have been walking the earth for 3000 years and we have still don’t have any proof of that God really exists.

The show moved on with tremendous speed and when Barney announced that it was time for some covers everyone thought that it was time for the Dead Kennedy cover “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” but it turned out to be the Siege cover “Conform” a band that had according to Barney been a huge influence for Napalm Death. Raw Power was also a band that’s highly loved by Napalm Death and the band did a great cover of “Politicians”. After these two covers Barney said that we (the audience) had to listen to the original songs because they sound much better than our versions. Barney continued with saying that politicians sucks and they always lie, they dump toxic waste into our seas and rivers that poison them. He dedicated the song “Greed Killing” to all the politicians out there.






The following song was dedicated to Michael Poulsen from Volbeat who also attended the show and the song was “Scum”. Barney said that Poulsen loved the album SCUM and hoped that Poulsen was gonna appreciate the song. Barney said that they had played so many times in Copenhagen that it almost felt like home and the audience laughed and agreed. “M.A.D”, “You Suffer” and the long awaited cover of “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” that began with Barney shouting nazi punks and told the audience to follow that line and they were shouting back Fuck Off. This is something Barney always does. Barney said that the band would like to thank Anders from the band Konkra for letting Napalm Death use their gear and they also thanked the support band for doing a great job. “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” was the last song that ended the show but when the song was over did the members take a look at each other and decided to play the encores instantly. The encores were “Suffer The Children” and “Instinct Of Survival”. After that the show was over and the members gathered at the front of the stage and thanked all the fans for being there. 70 minutes had then flown by and everyone woke up again. The fathers of grindcore showed once again that they are the best at what they do and it’s always a pleasure to see these gentlemen in action. There are two words that can sum up this experience – BRUTALLY BRILLIANT.



Thansks to Camilla Blicher booker and production manager at The Rock for the help with press/photo pass. Also thanks to the staff and security at the club for nice treatment.

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Downbeat Clique


Continuing War On Stupidity

Next On The List

When All Is Said And Done

If The Truth Be Unknown

Lucid Fairytale

Social Sterility

On The Brink Of Extinction

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The World Keeps On Turning

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Greed Killing




You Suffer

Nazi Punks Fuck Off

Suffer The Children

Instinct Of Survival