BRAINSTORM in studio preparing new album “On The Spur Of The Moment”!

Good news for all lovers of high class power metal: BRAINSTORM have entered the studio 22 in Ludwigsburg (Germany) to record their new album “On The Spur Of The Moment”.

Here´s a first video from the recordings:


Vocalist Andy B. Franck:

“Since February 25th we are back together in the studio to work on the new album. We decided to record it with Axel Heckert in the Studio 22 in Ludwigsburg. Axel is a huge fan of the band and he will help us to reach a whole new level. The song material we have is again more aggressive than the last songs we had written. For us “Memorial Roots” was a cool album, but “On The Spur Of The Moment” will be a BLAST! We are really happy and excited to start recording new material because we cannot hear the old songs anymore… time for something new!”



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