IRON WILL Begins Recording Debut Album

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IRON WILL, the heavy metal band from Boston MA, has entered the studio to record the band’s debut album. IRON WILL’s first official offering will be a concept album entitled “Life Is Your Labyrinth”. The band formed as early as 1999 and has played shows off and on in the Boston area since then but has never released a recording. The band is a side-project of Boston-area metalers RAVAGE, who most recently released their second full-length album “The End Of Tomorrow” on Metal Blade Records in 2009.

IRON WILL features the debut of vocalist Tony ‘The Metal Duke’ Canillas. Tony has long been a fixture in the Boston-area traditional heavy metal scene and is known for his high-energy stage performances and ear-splitting power screams. Eli Firicano and Al Ravage from Ravage handle guitar and drum duties respectively, and the band is rounded off by Rich Berte, of the thrash band Lethal Design, on bass. Drummer Al Ravage describes the band’s sound as “true garage-band metal”. He adds, “The band’s sound is a combination of traditional heavy metal elements from the 70’s and 80’s played by a bunch of guys who just like to get together and bash out metal songs and covers. Most of the stuff was jammed out from improvised pieces and refined off and on in intermitent rehearsals over the last 10 years or so. We have just been playing these songs out of the sheer enjoyment of playing metal – and now we’ve finally decided to make a recording of them and share them with the rest of the metal world. The idea is to keep things raw and primal and fun. Tony is a very unique singer an lyricist and is one of the world’s most ardent metal fans – he could be the bastard son of Ozzy or Halford or both. He has come up with a lyrical concept that is both fantasy-based and auto-biographical and Eli and I are excited to help him realize his musical vision. This music certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea – or necessarily anyone’s – but I think that is sort of the point. This is a metal album made for the love of metal, nothing else.”

The record will be self-produced. The band has yet to announce a planned release date or record label.

The proposed track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Conquer On
2. Life Is Your Labyrinth
3. Nemesis
4. The Agony Of Uncertainty
5. Darkness Falls Fast
6. Rising
7. The Shadow Lurks
8. Nightmares
9. Your Legacy Lives On



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