Crashdiet Winter Tour 2010 with Nasty Idols and Dirty Passion Kulturbolaget Malmoe Sweden

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Winter Tour – 2010

Nasty Idols – special guest

Dirty Passion – support act




10/12 – 2010


Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall



Swedish glam/sleaze rock act Crashdiet released their studio album GENERATION WILD with new singer Simon Cruz behind the mic last year. The album did really well across Sweden and the rest of Europe. The band toured heavily last year and was also support act to Ozzy Osbourne when he performed in Stockholm. On a cold night in December it time for Crashdiet to hit Malmoe and they were supported by two local acts from their genre. Since it was Friday, the club had their usual nightclub after the show which means that the bands began a little earlier.

A bunch of young fans had already entered the club when I got there and I saw a lot of washed out Skid Row t-shirts on a lot of teenagers that waited eagerly for the show to begin. Needless to say, the majority of the fans were young girls who were standing really close to the stage. To my disappointment there wasn’t a fence in front of the stage. More and more people arrived to the venue and time flew by pretty fast and Dirty Passion entered the stage on time.

Dirty Passion

The members arrived on stage while the intro played and got ready to kick off their show. Dirty Passion is as I wrote earlier a local band from Malmoe and have a really loyal fanbase, a fanbase that were all on location at KB in order to support their favourite act. After the first song, the singer (Ekbladh) said that the band were really glad to be playing together with Nasty Idols and Crashdiet and that it was really fun to be standing on the stage of KB. The band members are:

Emil Ekbladh – lead singer

Christopher Olsson – guitar

Markus Winberg – drums

Bjorn Wilander – bass

Ekbladh said that the band were about to throw their release party for the new album the next week but that they had brought with them copies for sale already and that we could buy a copy in the merchandise stand.






I think that the bands music gets better and better every time I hear them live and they have grown into a solid unit that delivers glam/sleaze music of a high class. Dirty Passion was absolutely a really good choice of support act for both Nasty Idols and Crashdiet. These guys sure have a great future ahead of them. After 30 minutes it was time for Dirty Passion to thank the fans and go off stage.


Nasty Idols

Nasty Idols is a loved local act that had their glory days back in the early 90’s but despite that, they haven’t left their fans side which was pretty obvious this evening. The bands comeback album came in 2009 and is called BOYS TOWN. Since then the band has only done a handful of shows so their fans aren’t spoiled with live gigs. The fans gave a warm welcome to the glam/sleaze kings of Malmoe when they arrived on stage and kicked off the show with the song “Alive And Kicking”. The members are:

Andy Pierce – lead vocals

Dick Qwarfort – bass, b-vox

Rikki Dahl – drums

Peter Espinoza – guitar

The next song “The Way Ya Walk” followed instantly and the rumours I’ve heard about that the show was gonna be short felt to be true. Third song out came shortly after and it was “Method To My Madness”. It’s a song taken from the latest album and even though the album has been out for quite a while, the crowd didn’t sing a long as much in this song as they did in the older ones.  Pierce and Qwarfort moved around on stage during the show and had a lot of contact with the crowd while Espinoza mostly stood put on his spot. The audience exploded when Pierce said that it was time to pay a visit to a certain house and fired off the loved song “House Of Rock’n’Roll” taken from the bands classical 1991 year album CRUEL INTENTION. Then followed “B.I.T.C.H” and the more current “Evil One”. The band felt tight and solid and it both looked and felt like they had a really good time on stage.







The last song for the night was “Cool Way Of Living” and when the last note had faded out Pierce said  “Thank You Malmoe, see you later” and the band went of stage. The band had played a short but intense 35min show and even though the band haven’t played live a lot didn’t it feel rusty at all. Pierce is an amazing frontman and he has a solid back up line in the rest of the guys. I’d like to see the band play more live shows in the future and I guess that Nasty Idols was the main reason why so many people came to Kulturbolaget this night. I think many people also left the venue when Nasty Idols had finished playing. The set-list is not in order but this is what they played this evening.






Set list

Alive N Kicking

The Way Ya Walk

Method To My Madness

House Of Rock’n’Roll


Evil One

Heads Down In Tinseltown

Cool Way Of Living


It took the crew a little while to prepare the stage for Crashdiet. A huge backdrop with the band name and with the band members on it were hung up to the chants of happy fans waiting for Crashdiet to go on. The crew worked fast and it took something like 35 minutes to get the stage ready.



The band members arrived on stage accompanied by cheers and clapping from the fans. The members are:

Simon Cruz – lead vocals, guitar, harmonica

Peter London – bass, b-vox

Eric Young – drums

Martin Sweet – guitar, b-vox

After the intro had faded out, Crashdiet kicked the show off with “Rebel” taken from the brand new album GENERATION WILD. It looked like two young girls in front of the stage were about to pass out. The audience appreciation reached the roof when “In The Raw” was fired off and it was really hard to take pictures with all the crazy fans in front of me waving their hands and dancing and jumping. This was the first show that I’ve seen with the new singer Simon Cruz but I have also seen them with both previous singers Olliver Twisted and Dave Lepard. Even though I have certain problems appreciating the bands highly radio friendly kind of glam/sleaze music I can understand why the younger fans love them. On each side in front of the drum-kit were two poles and on them hung a lots of lights and it looked really good when they lit up. “So Alive” followed and then Cruz said that it was good to be playing in Malmoe and said that it wasn’t OK to throw bottles and things up on stage which a few people had done and said that the audience had to calm down a bit. “Native Nature” continued the show and something that I really like about Cruz is that he also from time to time plays guitar and harmonica. That adds more rawness and edge to the bands music and I think that they always should be featuring two guitars into their songs.






It didn’t matter if the band played older songs or more current ones – the audience sang a long as much and as loud in every song. The venue literally exploded when Cruz announced the megahit “Riot In Everyone” and everyone in the club sang along. Cruz worked really hard connecting with the audience and I thought he was a great front man. Both Sweet and London also helped Cruz out and those three made the perfect front trio. Sweet played guitar brilliantly and London and Young made the perfect foundation for the other two to rest on. The band has developed tremendously music-wise since the first time I saw them that’s for sure.

Cruz has really grown into the role as lead singer and frontman of the band and I think that he’s the perfect man for the singer in Crashdiet. Sweet and Cruz shared the lead vocals in “The Buried Song” and Sweet is also a really good singer and while Sweet sang went Cruz of Stage. When the song was close to ending, Cruz came on stage again and the two ended the song. The last song on the ordinary set list was “Knokk Em Down” and the audience again exploded in total joy and bliss. At the end of the song Sweet made a great guitar solo and London a bass solo and as soon as the song had come to its end went the band off stage.

The audience weren’t happy with just 40 minutes the band had been on stage and shouted for encores and it didn’t take long before the guys entered the stage again. The first encore was a long awaited song and it was another one of the bands biggest hits with “Breaking The Chainz” taken from the bands debut album. The roof was about to lift when the crowd heard the first chords of the song and the madness continued in the next encore which were “Beautiful Pain” that even though it’s a ballad, the crowd go mad. A lot of cellphones lit up the song and added feeling to the song. I’m not a huge fan of ballads, but I have to say that I was impressed by the vocal range that Cruz exhibits. After that it was once again to say goodbye to the audience but the 10 minutes extra wasn’t enough for the eager bunch of fans that again shouted for the band to do another encore.





The third time the band appeared on stage Cruz came out dressed in a white t-shirt along with a girl dressed like a nun and out from the sound system came the sound of church bells beating. Out from her bag came a whip that she whipped Cruz with and she slapped him on both cheeks. She sat down on his lap and stabbed him with a (fake) knife in the chest and blood ran out from every possible kind of way down on Cruz’s clothes and chest. Then she took out a fake chainsaw and placed it into Cruz’s belly a few times. This scene can be seen in one of the videos for one of the new songs with Crashdiet.  When the slaughter was over and the girl had went off stage Cruz kicked off “Generation Wild” and all of the fans clapped their hands and screamed their lungs out and that song also ended the entire show. The band ended the show 10 minutes before curfew and the night club started at 11.30.



What can I say….Crashdiet really impressed me. I think that the band have grown a great deal music-wise now compared to their debut album and I think that Cruz fits the band like a glove. The more current songs worked really good live and I think that all of the songs overall sounded and felt more heavier live compared on album. The main part of the set list was taken from the new album and the first album REST IN SLEAZE. I think that all of the bands fans was really happy and satisfied with the show.


I thought that this “package” was a great way to end 2010 with. The highlight for me besides discovering how great Crashdiet have become was to see Nasty Idols on stage again.


Set list



In The Raw

So Alive

Native Nature

Down With The Dust

Riot In Everyone

Out Of Line

The Buried Song

Knokk Em Down


Breakin The Chainz

Beautiful Pain

Encore II

Generation Wild

Thanks to Kristian Kornhage, head of press at KB and Thanks to Totte Lundgren head of Kb for help with press/photo press. Also thanks to the entire club with staff/security for a brilliant 2010 with many great shows and great bands.

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