SODOM, Die Hard. Collapse @ The Underworld

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Die Hard, Collapse @ Underworld, Camden

6th February 2011

Review: Jo Blackened

Photos: Altercarnated Photography

The Underworld is probably one of my least favourite places to photography bands.

With no photography pit, cramped spaces & pillars that are situated in the middle of the room which block out your view, I knew tonight wasn’t going to be easy.

But seeing as it was Sodom , Die Hard and Collapse playing tonight I knew this wasn’t a gig I was prepared to miss!

On arrival Camden was packed and it was no surprise tonight’s gig was a sell out!

With many drunken metallers outside, still trying to get it the place was already getting full and I was grateful for a back-stage pass so I could at least attempt to get some decent shots tonight!

First band on tonight were Collapse.

This was my first time seeing them and to say this band have stage presence is an understatement!

We interviewed this band last year so it was no surprise really just how popular they’ve become, considering what this band have already accomplished in such a short amount of time.

Their set was tight and their energy streamed across the small room, preparing the crowd for what was in store for tonight.

Every member was on top-form tonight, with great energy.

I really enjoyed their set, which seemed to go by fast.

I could’ve easily watched them for longer.

Collapse are a fantastic band, with great energy and were a great crowd pleaser.

If the other bands weren’t so established tonight it wouldn’t surprise me seeing these guys higher on the bill and continue supporting established bands at larger venues.

The second band on tonight was Die Hard.

Forming in 2005, this Thrash/Death Metal band from Sweden is a relatively new act.

But with only releasing one album and three EP’s they have a strong fan base already.

This band had a much stronger image than the previous band, coming on stage in full black metal make-up.

This band were truly amazing showing great experience, playing tight and again with great energy.

They played as evil as they looked and played a fantastic set.

The crowd seemed to really love this band too, who decided to go slightly crazy and it wasn’t long until I was getting hit, pushed and knocked about!

A great band who supplied energy to the crowd who were eagerly awaiting the main band tonight!

Sodom; a band who need no introduction!

I know many metal fans have been waiting along time to see this band and it was great to see Sodom back in London .

Forming in the early 80’s; Sodom (as-well as Kreator and Destruction) are still one of the best Thrash Metal bands Germany have to offer!

I’ve been looking forward to seeing this band for a long time and finally tonight I get the chance!

Already having a great setlist, I was very pleased when they played "Sodomy and Lust", as it’s one of my favourite Sodom tracks since I started listening to them.

It also seemed to be the crowds favourite too as was clear from their reaction there was no way I was going to be able to make it to the front to shoot this band…although I did try!

The crowd went crazy tonight and I have never seen such chaos at the Underworld before.

The crowd were jumping onto the stage, head banging, stage diving and at one point nearly knocked over some of the members, it was this point where I wondered where the security were?!

Im not sure if The Underworld was the best place for this band to play, as the energy was immense and a lot of fans were being hit, thrown about and unable to escape, even the stairs were blocked with fans trying to get closer to the stage.

I finally managed to escape and find a place backstage where I could take some pics, although it was from the back it was almost impossible getting any clear headshots.

Saying all this though, the band were truly amazing tonight!

They interacted with the crowd and seemed to love the attention they were getting, which they encouraged.

This is a band which are truly loved.

They have great stage presence and showed their years of experience on stage.

This was a great gig and one that really shouldn’t have been missed!