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Relapse Records death metal band Abysmal Dawn released their third album “Levelling the Plane of Existence”  on Feb. 1, 2011LoudTrax.com had the opportunity to interview guitarist / vocalist Charles Elliott.
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excerpts from Charles Elliot interview:

We aren’t afraid to experiment a little especially if the song calls for it. We listen to a lot of different styles of music but we’re primarily an extreme metal band of course.

“Having great artwork is important to me though and I feel like it affects the vibe of a whole record. ”

Regarding the song “The Sleeper Awakens”…….”It’s actually Erik Rutan’s favorite song and it’s sort of ironic that one of the brutalist people on the planet would be into the mellowest song on the record. ”

Here is the Link:  www.loudtrax.com/blog/post/Abysmal-Dawn-interview-and-new-album.aspx

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