Soilwork with support acts on European Winter Tour 2010 at Kulturbolaget in Malmoe, Sweden

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European Winter Tour 2010

All That Remains- special guest
Caliban – special guest
Neaera – support act
Bleed From Within – support act

9/12 – 2010

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall




The Swedish modern death metal act Soilwork is currently out supporting their fresh new album THE PANIC BROADCAST and at the end of last year they and a bunch of other band made a stop at the infamous club Kulturbolaget in Malmoe Sweden. The band has gone through some member-changes during the past three years so it was going to be fun to see how the new members and the old were gonna work on stage.

The club opening at 18.00 and the first act was gonna be on stage at 19.00 and everything was to be over and closed at 00.00.The only acts that were of interest for me were Soilwork and All That Remains the rest of the bands felt only like a distraction.

Bleed From Within

Bleed From Within was the first band out for the night and the singer kicked off the show with welcoming the, at the time, pretty small crowd with a warm “Hi Malmoe we are Bleed From Within”. The band played fast death metal jammed with energy and attitude and the singer ran around like a maniac on stage. It was really hard to take photos of the first bands because the lighting was really poor but I guess that what’s it like to be opening act. The band played for about 30 minutes and they did a good job from what I could tell.

The change of gear went pretty fast but I guess the crew was a bit stressed by the time limit and after only 10 minutes it was time for the second band to hit the stage.


This band consisted of very young guys and the singer said that it was really great to be in Malmoe warming up for the rest of the bands. Naera’s music lean towards the modern melodic death metal camp compared with Bleed From Within’s music. The singer wanted the small crowd to form a circle pit and he didn’t have to ask twice. If the light was poor the sound was much better and I was impressed that the band had such a good sound. The band was in a really good mood and the singer also managed to make the audience form a wall of death on the floor. Also this act was a pleasant surprise and the 30 minutes on stage went really fast.

While the crew prepared the stage for the third act I took a walk around the venue talking to some friends. It took the crew a little longer to make the stage ready for the next act but about 20 minutes later was it again time for another band to kick off their show.



Caliban didn’t waste any time and kicked off their show as soon as they went on stage. “Love Song” was the first song for the night and it continued straight into the next song “My Time Has Come”. It was full speed ahead right from the start.

Andreas Dörner – lead vocals
Dennis Schmidt – guitar
Marc Görtz – guitar
Marco Schaller – bass
Patrik Grun – drums

Lead singer Dörner said that “We are Caliban from Germany how are you doing tonight Malmoe”. “It’s Our Burden To Bleed” followed and there was no doubt that the bands mallcore music was highly appreciated by the audience. The band had only a huge backdrop besides the drums and two smaller backdrops on the sides behind the amps so therefore the members had a lot of space to run around in. “No One Is Safe” and “I Will Never Let You Down” followed and Dörner thanked Soilwork for letting Caliban tag a long on the tour. Dörner wondered if the audience knew about the band Rammstein. The audience screamed yes back to the band. “We’re going to do a cover by them it is going to come out on an EP that will be released next year. So here we go Malmoe this is “Sonne” and during the song was a circle pit formed in front of the stage. Last song for Caliban was “24 Years” and by then had the band been on stage for about 40 minutes.




Set list
Love Song
My Time Has Come
It’s Our Burden To Bleed
No One Is Safe
I Will Never Let You Down
Walk Like The Dead
24 Years



All That Remains

When the members arrived on stage all eyes were on the band. The show began with the intro “Let Them Tremble” which was followed straight away by “For We Are Many”. The band members are:

Philip Labonte – lead vocals
Mike Martin  – guitar
Oli Herbert – guitar
Jeanne  Sagan – bass
Jason Costa – drums

Labonte introduced the band and said that they were really happy to be playing in Malmoe and that it was time to travel back in time to the album THE FALL OF IDEALS and the song “Six”. All That Remains plays just like the band before mallcore but despite that it felt like the audience loved the band and their music quite a lot. One thing that really showed that this band was one of the two “headliner” acts was that the lights had improved a lot and none of the members stood in darkness. “Hold” and “Aggressive Opposition” followed and Labonte had the crowd in the palm of his hand. A circlepit was once again formed on the middle of the floor and Labonte looked really satisfied. He had the crowd to scream on command and he again thanked all of the fans and people for being there. He also thanked Soilwork for letting All That Remains tag come long this on tour.

All That Remains_live_4.jpg

All That Remains_live_3.jpg

All That Remains_live_2.jpg

All That Remains_live_1.jpg

All That Remains_live_6.jpg

After “This Calling” and “The Air That I Breath” Labonte wondered if the crowd could come and see them if they ever came back to Kulturbolaget in the future and all of the people in the venue screamed yes. The audience really loved both the older as well as the newer songs and screamed really loud when Labonte announced the next song. Personally I have problems with this kind of music and it doesn’t matter if it’s mallcore from USA or Europe. However it feels like it’s a thin line in between what can be categorized as mallcore or not, in my ears was All That Remains a mallcore act. As a live act was this band really great and it wasn’t easy to see that they have toured their way to success but I don’t think that my judgement are so nice when it comes to their albums. All That Remains show lasted for 45 minutes  and as soon as the members had gone off stage did the crew began to prepare the stage for the nights headline act and for the main reason why I was there – Soilwork.

All That Remains_live_9.jpg

All That Remains_live_8.jpg

All That Remains_live_7.jpg

All That Remains_live_5.jpg

All That Remains_live_11.jpg

Set list
Now Let Them Tremble
For We Are Many
Hold On
Aggressive Opposition
This Calling
The Air That I Breathe
Forever In Your Hands
Become The Catalyst
Some Of The People, All Of The Time
Two Weeks




After 25 minutes of preparing was it time for the headline act to enter the stage and the band are:

Bjorn “Speed” Strid – lead vocals
Peter Wichers – guitar
Sven Karlsson – keyboards
Ola Flink  – bass
Dirk Verbeuren – drums
Sylvain Coudret – guitar

Up on stage waited the band for the intro to the song “Late For The Kill, Early For The Slaughter” and then it was full speed ahead from the very first tone of the first song. Strid ran around like a maniac on stage and all of the fans really loved his every move. “Night Comes Clean” continued the show and after the song was over Strid said that it was really fun to be back in Malmoe and introduced the next song which was “As We Speak. The songs followed instantly and there was not time for the audience to relax in between. Even though the band have gone through member changes since the last time I saw them I thought they felt together and strong as a unit. Strid stood a lot of the time out on the small ramp that are placed in the middle of the stage connecting with the fans and audience. The only thing that I noticed that wasn’t too good was that Strid’s voice partially sounded tired and a bit rough especially when he sang the more slow parts. But that can maybe depend on that the band are now halfway through their tour and touring maybe has taking its toll on his voice.





All of the members seemed to be really glad for the great response that the Malmoe crowd gave them and the ecstatic crowd cheered even more when the band announced the song “Nerve” taken from the brilliant album STABBING THE DRAMA. The sound was brilliant during the show however the lighting wasn’t as perfect as the sound. Some of the members stood partially in darkness and I can’t but wonder why when Kulturbolaget has such great lighting equipment. Otherwise the show was perfectl.

Soilwork really showed who the biggest band was this evening. Also the more current songs appealed to the audience and the new song “Two Lives Worth Reckoning” worked brilliantly. All of the members worked really hard to get the crowd going and by now everyone on stage was soaking in sweat. Strid thought that it maybe was time to slow down the furious tempo a bit and announced the little slower song “Let This River Flow” and it was a great time for the sweaty audience to catch their breath for a few minutes.






After that was it was time for the band to play a song that they never had played in Malmoe before and it was “Bastard Chain”. The last song for the night was “Stabbing The Drama”. As soon as the song had ended Strid thanked the Malmoe audience for giving the band such great support and for loving the band so much. 65 minutes had flew by but the enthusiastic crowd wanted to hear more from their favourites and shouted for an encore. It didn’t take long for the band to enter the stage once again and the first and only encore was the old classic song “Follow The Hollow”. As soon as the encore had ended  the members went off stage but not until they had thanked the audience.

It was an amazing show and Soilwork really showed everyone that they are a force to be reckoned with. I had wished for more older songs but I guess the band thought it’s more fun to be playing more current stuff. It was sad though that they didn’t play any song from their last album SWORN TO A GREAT DIVIDE which in my opinion is one of the bands best albums and instead starred themselves blind on songs from STABBING THE DRAMA. Even though the gig was a bit short (70 minutes) I don’t think that any fan was disappointed at the show and it’s moments like these you’re glad to be from Sweden.




Set list
Late For The Kill, Early For Slaughter
Night Comes Clean
As We Speak
The Flameout
The Crestfallen
Two Lives Worth Reckoning
Let This River Flow
Bastard Chain
Stabbing The Drama
Follow The Hollow

This night can be counted as another night of great fun at Kulturbolaget and Soilwork showed that they are one of the top acts within their musical genre. If I should come with critics I have to mention the fact that there were too many acts jammed into the tour-package. It felt more like a mini-festival on tour than like bands doing their ordinary shows. There was a lot more to wish for when it came to the lights and that went for all of the bands. It was really hard to get proper pictures with the poor lighting and all of the band-members being in constant motion during most of the time. However was the sound brilliant during all the shows. Maybe the mellcore bands should have been  excluded and only feature Soilwork with two supports that would have been enough but altogether was it a partially great evening at Kulturbolaget and I don’t think that any fan was disappointed when the doors closed.




Thanks to the head of KB Totte Lundgren and the head of press Kristian Kornhage for help with press/photo pass to the show and a big thank you to crew and staff at KB, it’s always a pleasure coming to the club.

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