Ghost Machinery – Out For Blood

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Reviewed: February 2011
Released: 2010, Limb Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

Six years is a long time between releases, especially when the band is of the caliber of Ghost Machinery. Back in 05 I had received the first Ghost Machinery disc and was impressed by the quality of the material. Pete Ahonen, guitar player and vocalist, was in one of the better bands at the time named Burning Point. It was surprising that he would have so many songs in the same vein as his “main band” that he would want to go ahead and release a full disc of great tunes that could easily have been called a Burning Point record. Well what was Burning Point’s loss was every metalheads gain as HAUNTING REMAINS was as solid a disc of powermetal as any band could want to release. Jump ahead to 2010 and we have another Ghost Machinery record that again delivers 11 tracks that are destined to build on the longevity of the band and launch them to an even greater future.

After a cursory listen to the disc to get my bearings I get the feeling that the band have taken their time with these tracks as there is a little bit of everything on this disc. For those that like it fast there are the tracks “Out for Blood”, “Sentenced to Life” and Eternal Damnation”. These will appeal to those that like double kicks galore and that have a place in their metal heart for Helloween. In no way do I think Ghost Machinery are a clone but at times they do have that certain something that brings to mind Andi Deris era Helloween. Again this is only for a few tracks as the band certainly likes to mix things up. “Blood From a Stone” is a great melodic mid tempo track with an awesome guitar solo with a great sing along type chorus that begs to be blasted from the car stereo on a while speeding down the nearest highway. Ghost Machinery even takes a turn at a power ballad and the results are amazing. New vocalist Taage Laiho (ex-Altaria) has that perfect quality in his voice which allows emotion and power to shine through making this track a highlight of the disc.

Six Years is much too long to wait for a new record but Ghost Machinery made the wait well worth it. I do not really understand why Pete Ahonen has 2 bands, Burning Point and Ghost Machinery, which put out music in the same vein. They certainly do not play exactly the same type of music, as BP tends to be more straight-up traditional metal while GM tends to the powermetal side a tad more but I am splitting hairs. Not that I am complaining of course as the listener gets to hear great music like this. Hopefully there won’t be a 6 year wait before we hear a new Ghost Machinery disc, but if by some chance there is, it is a sure bet that it is only because they wanted to make the best disc possible.


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Track Listing:
01 Face Of Evil
02 Out For Blood
03 Guilty
04 Blood From Stone
05 Name Remains In History
06 Fortune Teller
07 Lost In Time
08 Sentenced To Life (In Paradise)
09 Mask Of Madness
10 Eternal Damnation
11 Send Me an Angel

Jussi Ontero
Mikko Myllylä
Sammy Nyman
Pete Ahonen
Taage Laiho