SACRED MOTHER TONGUE, Johnny Can’t Dance, Envy Assured and Elimination @ The Purple Turtle, London

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Support: Johnny Can’t Dance, Envy Assured and Elimination

Venue: The Purple Turtle, London

7th Jan 2011

Words By Danny Draper

Photos by Altercarnated Photography



To the Purple Turtle I say! For tonight, the metal is here!

Johnny Can’t Dance

Heavy Rock with a 90’s alternative groove, the singer had an odd haircut but never the less, he had a great set of pipes on him.


They eventually win the crowd over turning them from static to head bobbing and some were rocking out midway through the set.


These guys were really enjoyable; they play with heart and a strong belief in themselves, something which you can clearly read from their performance tonight.


For me, set closer "Everything" is a hit waiting to be heard.


Rating 4/5

Envy Assured

Bringing the metal and the screams, things get heavier and a lot more melodic.


A very good band, they have good songs that have been written and composed with aplomb.


Some may say commercial if it’s not their cup of tea but these guys play well and have a strong following and a vibrant crowd to play for, lapping up every minute of it!


The playing was also very good from these guys, just keep and ear out for them on the circuit.


Rating: 4/5


These guys were awesome.


Playing classic thrash and kicking some arse!


Their playing was immense, technicality and grace with each of their instruments.


The songs were also well written, with their singer putting in one hell of a performance.

I cannot fault these guys, if you like your thrash metal, you have to hear them.


Pretenders take note; this is how it’s done!

Rating: 5/5

Sacred Mother Tongue

Immensely impressive, front man Darrin South has an amazing voice that has venom and virtuosity.


Guitarist Andy James absolutely owns the world of the riff, in this genre you can sometimes get disenchanted from the generic ness of the scene, sound or style.

But for a singular guitarist operating on his own, he glides effortlessly between riff and lead.


New song Bleeding Out was aired and was a really good heavy song. It was also given a funny Schwarzenegger imitation when announced! These guys have good crowd interaction, even though the singer did not know what the set list was.


The main rhythm section of Sacred Mother Tongue are absolute powerhouses.

There is a solid performance from both Josh Gurner and Lee Newell. With the great presence these guys have, the crowd was soon going mad and baying at the stage for more metal!

These guys should be playing bigger venues; they have the music for it.

Rating: 5/5