KIUAS – farewell gig of Ilja Jalkanen – live-videos

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KIUAS, whose vocalist Ilja Jalkanen last year officially left the band because his musical tastes have changed, now had one final concert with Ilja, which took place at Nosturi, Helsinki, on January 15. Ilja will not leave the stage, just sing other kinds of music.

At their previous gig at Pakkahuone, Tampere, on October 29, 2010, KIUAS performed with stand-in-vocalist Asim Searah [THE NIBIRUAN], who also was a guest at Ilja’s farewell-concert.

The whole evening, including the other bands on the schedule, AMORAL and RYTMIHÄIRIÖ, was under the headline of being dedicated to a late friend to all of these bands (and many more Finnish musicians), Lauri Mailasalo. He was the bass player of CODEON and also a lighting technician to the mentioned bands who passed away due to leukemia.
All the proceeds of the evening are going to Sylva Ry, an organization of parents whose children have leukemia.

Some videos are online now, thanks to user Rosvin3006:
(Embedding was disabled but we hope that it’s not a problem to just click the link like in the old times. Enjoy!)

Kiuas – Across The Snows

Kiuas – Of Ancient Wounds

Kiuas – War Anthem (duet of Ilja Jalkanen and Asim Searah)

Kiuas – Of Love, Lust and Human Nature

Kiuas – The Spirit Of Ukko

Kiuas – Warrior Soul

Kiuas – Bleeding Strings

Kiuas – Black Winged Goddess

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