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ABGOTT, Feral, L Sol Tace, Juggernørt @ Club Carnage, Kings Cross London

24th November 2010

Words by Jo Blackened

Photos Altercarnated Photography

With the weather freezing in London and doors not opening until 7.30pm; although it stated 7pm on the tickets, I wasn’t surprised to see a large group of cold moaning metallers, eagerly waiting to come inside when I arrived.

But with the clubs cosy atmosphere and great lighting,  and a visit to the bar I was happy patiently waiting for the bands to come on.


First Support band on tonight was JUGGERN0RT.

A four piece thrash metal band from London, forming in 2008 .


I’ve not heard of this band before, nor have I seen them play live, but they were great for a first act.

Strong vocals and stage presence they managed to get the guests attention.


With a great 30 minute set they soon had the crowd gathering around the stage and set a great atmosphere.




They didn’t disappoint tonight and I really enjoyed their set.

The second band on was L SOL TACE.

I was eager to see this band live as we had just recently reviewed their EP & with an amazing 4/5 I was expecting them to be good!


Only recently forming last year, this was one of their first gigs here in London.

With front-man Anton Swan showing alot of confidence on stage they soon showed their previous past experience, getting the crowds attention.


I couldn’t help notice a lack of stage presence from some of the other members & shooting them was hard as they were happy hiding away.

But with some of the riffs they were coming out with, I wasn’t surprised they didn’t want to move!


They played a great, tight set which myself and the audience really enjoyed.

Im looking forward to seeing these guys play again & hearing their album when it’s released later this year.


The third band on tonight was FERAL.

Another 4 piece metal band from London, who only formed in early 2009; but saying that they have managed to play in venues such as; as The Barfly, O2 Islington Academy, The Camden Underworld, The Cavern Club Liverpool and The Scala.

As they arrived on stage I can see why this band are so popular. In full make up & great stage presence they immediately got everyone’s attention.


But as they were about to kick off with their first song, they hit technical problems and weren’t able to play.

Luckily for the audience, vocalist & lead guitarist Martin McCusker, wasn’t shy in coming forward & took the opportunity to put on a hilarious short stand-up comedy routine; while the other members sorted out the cable problems.

After afew minutes and with the audience laughing, everything was sorted and they were ready to start.


Playing a great 30 minute metal set with full ‘Kiss’ make up, it’s hard not to love these guys.


Fantastic stage presence and showing alot of confidence on stage its no wonder they are doing so well in such a short amount of time.


Leaving the stage with a great audience reception, it was back to the DJ’s before the final band took stage!

ABGOTT were the headlining band Tonight!

Coming on stage in full demonic black metal style, this band knows how to put on a show!


By this time the venue was filled and Abgott had the crowd gathered around the stage, cheering them on.

All the members showing great confidence and theatrical presence on stage.


Abgott are a fantastic band to watch live, with all the members interacting with the audience.

They played a fantastic tight set, with all members showing their years of gigging experience.


Playing some new tracks including ‘Lustmord’, aswell as their more, well known material.


The band captivated the audience throughout their set & left them chanting for more!

A fantastic Headlining Band for tonight!


I loved seeing these guys play live and look forward to seeing them again soon!


As soon as the bands were over, it was back to the DJ’s who kept the metal songs going throughout the night. Playing all death, thrash and black metal, it wasn’t surprising to see the metallers hit the dancefloor to do some serious headbanging and with DJ’s such as; DJ Angel, DJ 69 and Green Fairy I soon found myself on the dancefloor!

I was disappointed not have seen Arch Enemy members there themselves at the Club but Carnage is a great metal event & gives the London metalheads their monthly metal clubbing fix. Im looking forward to the next one!