Helloween with Stratovarius at The 7 Sinners World Tour, European tour Mejeriet Lund Sweden

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The 7 Sinners World Tour, European tour.

Stratovarius – special guest

Avatar – support act


Lund Sweden

8/12 – 2010

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall








The German power/heavy metal legends Helloween are currently out supporting their latest studio album titled 7 SINNERS which is an album that in my opinion sounds a lot more fresh and edgy compared to the bands last few releases.. As special guest Helloween lured along the Finnish heavyweights Stratovarius that on this tour lack their ordinary drummer Jorg Michael who has been diagnosed with cancer. Luckily he is feeling better and has reported that he will soon be back behind the drums with the rest of the band. There were three band this night and the support act was the Swedish band Avatar .

Mejeriet is a great place for concerts because it’s a huge club and no matter where you are standing you are always able to see the stage. The hardcore Stratovarius fans were already situated beneath the stage and shouted for their idols to come on stage. Luckily for me Avatar had already performed when I came to Mejeriet so I joined the small crowd in front of the stage and waited for Stratovarius to come enter the stage.



“Phoenix” kicked off the show and all of the members came on stage at once. Lead singer Kotipelto moved across the stage during the entire show while the rest of the band mostly stood solid on their spot.

Timo Kotipelto – lead vocals

Lauri Porra – bass

Mattias Kupiainen – guitar

Alex Landenburg – drums

Jens Johansson – keyboards

After the first song Kotipelto shouted Thank you so much (on Swedish) but after that he only spoke English. “Darkest Hour” followed and it sounded like a really good song but it’s hard to judge after having heard it only once during a show. “The Kiss Of Judas” followed and many fans sang a long with Kotipelto and it seemed like that song was a crowd pleaser. Another crowd pleaser was the slightly older song “Against The Wind” which was taken from the album FOURTH DIMENSION and during the song could I also see a lot of middle aged men playing air-guitar to the music. Kotipelto’s voice sounded a little tired but he compensated that with a great stage personality and an explosive performance.





“Eagleheart”, “Distant Skies” and the really fast song “Speed Of Light” followed and it felt like the band did their absolute best to please the small but enthusiastic crowd. Three slow songs closed down the show and they were “Winter Skies”, “Hunting High And Low” which was kicked off by the famous and skilled Jens Johansson and the final song was the classic “Black Diamond” “Hunting High And Low” was also a real favourite song amongst the fans and everyone sang a long with Kotipelto in the song. “Black Diamond” was closed with a ordinary and boring drum solo by Landenburg while Kotipelto went off stage for a brief moment. When Kotipelto returned he thanked everyone for being at Mejeriet and for coming and support Stratovarius. The show lasted for about 60 minutes and no encores were played. I think that the Finish guys and the Swede did a great job and it was fun to see and hear Kotipelto live because I think he’s a great singer. I really hope that the band is gonna tour more outside Finland in 2011 especially with the thought of that Stratovarius is gonna release a brand new album in January.





Set list



Darkest Hour

The Kiss Of Judas

Against The Wind


Distant Skies

Speed Of Light

Winter Skies

Hunting High And Low

Black Diamond

Something I noticed while I waiting for Helloween to go on was that the middle aged amongst the fans and visitors werepretty high. The road crew began to make the stage ready for Helloween and I could spot a huge drum kit and up to the podium where the drums was situated led two stairs. While the crew worked , an AC/DC song filled the venue and when the crew was ready the huge curtain dropped and the Helloween intro came on.



As soon as the intro had faded away the Germans kicked off the evenings first song which was “Are You Metal!” and the love from the crowd flooded over the band.

Markus Grosskopf – bass

Sascha Gerstner – guitar

Dani Loble – drums

Michael Weikath – guitar

Andi Deris – lead vocals

Deris seemed to be really happy with the immediate response the band got from the moment that they showed up on stage. Deris had on a leather jacket with a print of the bands cover art work on the back and the jacket looked really great. Deris had the audience in the palm of his hand right from the start and they did everything that he told them to. “Eagle Fly Free” followed and Deris said Hello Lund how are you doing tonight. He said that he had gotten the question where they were going after they had been playing in England and when Deris had answered that they were gonna go to Scandinavia everyone had said that don’t go there because the only thing they got there is snow. But Helloween didn’t mind snow he said and that he loved to be in Scandinavia because it’s so pretty here. “March Of Time” followed and then was it time for a guitar solo by Gerstner and while he was doing that did parts of the members go off stage. Luckily was it a really short solo and as soon as the rest of the band had came on stage was it time to kick off “Where The Sinners Go” and even though the new album hadn’t been out for long when the show was held could almost everyone in the audience sing a long in the song. The lights that was placed beside the drums cast patterns in the roof and it looked really cool.






“Steel Tormentor” was another crowd pleaser that the crowd sang a long in and the song is also a huge personal favourite. As soon as the song was over it was time for more solos and this time it was Loble’s time to show off. It was an ordinary drum solo that didn’t do much for me but I guess it was time for the rest of the members to catch a break. “I’m Alive” taken from the legendary KEEPER OF THE SEVEN KEYS pt 1 followed and both Grosskopf and Gerstner ran around on stage going crazy and both Gerstner and Weikath shared lead guitar in the song.

It felt like the new album brought the band an energy boost which was well needed because all of the members were on the top of their game this night and even Weikath smiled. The next song “World Of Fantasy” was also taken from the new album 7 SINNERS and it transcended into “A HANDFUL OF PAIN”. Then was it time for a medley. Deris said that they had a debate about this in the rehearsal room about what they were gonna do with the following songs. Play the whole songs or make a medley of the longest songs from “THE KEEPER OF THE SEVEN KEYS” albums. They decided to do a medley and here we go I hope you’re going to like this Lund and the songs were “ Keeper Of The Seven Keys/The King For A 1000 Years/Helloween” and as soon as the band had stopped the 15 minute medley shouted the audience Happy Happy Helloween again and again and Deris seemed to be really touched by the gesture. There’s no doubt that the band have some really loyal fans in Sweden.






“I Want Out” was the last song out and needles to say did the fans explode when they heard the first tones of the song. “I Want Out” was also the last song on the ordinary set list and after having been on stage for about 60 minutes did the first part of the show end. When the band had gone off stage did the crowd shout Happy Happy Helloween for several minutes and finally did the band appear again. First encore were “Ride The Sky” and that song was shortly followed by “Future World” and by then did the roof at Mejeriet blew off by the sound of hundreds happy Helloween fans. Deris then introduced the band members and asked the fans to really sing a long loud in the last part of the song.





The audience weren’t happy at all with only two encores so when the band had gone off stage the fans shouted for them to come out again. After a few minutes it was time for Helloween to enter the stage for the third time to kick off the infamous song “Dr Stein” which was the song that everyone had been waiting for. When the last note had faded out the band members walked to the front of the stage and thanked the fans for an incredible night. Altogether the band was on stage for about and hour and 45 minutes which maybe was a little to short for me but on the other hand the guys delivered a really solid performance. The mix between older and current songs felt good and the members did an awesome job to say the least. It felt like the members had fun together and that does of course rub off on the show and on the music. Deris is also an amazing front man and this show was definitely one of the highlights of 2010.


Set list

Are You Metal!

Eagle Fly Free

March Of Time

Guitar Solo

Where The Sinners Go

Steel Tormentor

Drum Solo

I’m Alive

World Of Fantasy

A Handful Of Pain

Keeper Of The Seven Keys/The King For A 1000 Years/Hellowen

I Want Out


Ride The Sky

Future World

Encore II

Dr. Stein

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