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THE EXTINCT DREAMS –    “Потустороннее сияние” (Shining Of Beyond)

The Extinct Dreams (Digi)
The Extinct Dreams (Digi)

Catalogue number: BP013 / Format: Digipack CD

Track list:

1. Сияние (брахмаджйоти )

2. По ту сторону

3. Трансценденция

4. Крик отчаяния (развоплощение)

Music style: ambient funeral doom death metal

Line up:

Roman – guitar, vocal

Semjon – bass

Kirill – guitar, vocal

Masha – keyboard

Den – drums


2007 – Into The Extinct Dreams (demo)

2007 – November Rehearsal (demo)

2008 – Ars Moriendi (Backfire Prod.)

2010 – Потустороннее Сияние / Shinig of Beyound (Backfire Prod./Stygian Crypt Prod.)

Band contact:


The band was found in summer 2006 by Roman (vocal) and Semjon (bass). Choosing the name Ars Moriendi the musicians turns to somber doom\death with grind elements.

For some months the line-up was unstable but in January of 2007 keyboard palyer Masha joined the band and with her help the drummer of cult doom\death band Black Forest (split-up since the beginning of 2000) Filin also joit to them. Not long before the musicians’ve known about the band with the same name so they’ve change the name to The Extinct Dreams.

Since that time the band continue it’s work with the new name and with the new line-up. In 2007 the band has recorded two demos “Into The Extinct Dreams” and “November Rehearsal” (it was done with tape-recorder during rehearsal). Some track are available at the web-page of the band.

In 2007 the band successfully played at Only Metal Fest and at some local metal session and also was included in band-list of portal. The most outstanding event for the band was live shows at «Petrodoom 2008» in St. Peterburg and Shadow Fest in Moscow. Also label Backfire Prod. from Novosibirsk city has released the first album of the band «Ars Moriendi».

In 2010 the band has recorded the new album «Потустороннее Сияние» (“Shining from beyond”) with using of acoustic guitar, clean voice and ambiental elements. The lyrics based on astral themes with Vedic fragments applying to spiritual shining beyond material universe.

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