Municipal Waste, Rytmihairio, Axegressor, and Forca Macabra – Helsinki Finland

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Municipal Waste / Rythmihairio / Axegressor

Forca Macabra

18th of December 2010

Nosturi Helsinki Finland

Live review/pics by Arto Lehtinen

When Municipal Waste announced their entry the Nosturi Club it was expected to be a real thrashing night at Nosturi. In the wake of the visit, three domestic bands were booked to share the stage with the thrashers. The four band line-up definitely meant the gig was sold-out.


The domestic Forca Macabra has been around for about twenty years.  The music is heavily influenced by crusty hardcore punk stuff. Especially the old school Brazilian metal from the 80’s is definitely close to the heart of the members of the band. The four piece raged. Apparently the frontman of Forca Macabra wasn’t particularly thrilled about the on-going circle pit. The set included a couple of cover tunes from unknown Brazilian metal combos calming the violent circle runners down a little bit. In general, Forca Macabra’s brutal hardcore sounded vicious and catchy and hopefully the young generation understood to appreciate it.  


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Another Finnish act was the four piece thrasher named Axegressor. The thrash assault of the four piece delivered an uncompromising set of tight played thrash metal. The frontman with ripped shorts and “bigger sunglasses than Halford’s” on the face looked like an eccentric revelation on the stage. The set consisted of songs picked from both their outputs. 


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Then the third domestic act named Rytmihäiriö unleashed more  hardcore brutality. This legendary hardcore combo has also been around for over twenty years and has gained cult status. The band celebrated their 20th anniversary of their albums released in 1990. Therefore the band did a special gig with the singer of that time. The set consisted of the most known and vicious Rytmihäiriö tunes from that era. Needless to say, but the people went totally beserk, arranging a real utter chaotic maelstrom on the floor. The four piece sounded as expected brutal and straight. The singer truly lived up to the intensive gig. The whole intensive and relentless hard core onslaught sounded overwhelming awesome and as murderous as in the beginning of the 90’s. 

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After three domestic compos Municipal Waste took to the stage to cause the most violent and relentless pit ever seen at Nosturi. Chaos Mayhem and Anarchy are the words to describe the maelstrom in the pit when sweaty bodies were surfing all around, kids jumping over the security barrier to make killer looking stage dives. The security guys were heavily worked while Municipal Waste raged and thrashed on the stage. Following the chaotic pit riots definitely reminded of the glorious days of heyday of the speed / thrash metal when gigs were nothing but chaotic and memorable. Municipal Waste’s fast and tight thrash cross over is a pleasure to witness live.

Hell yeah, the night was as intensive and brutal as expected in the first place. All the four bands definitely kicked ass in the hotter than hell Nosturi club. The young kids on the floor went beserk while the bands played. As stated above – the security had no control when kids got on the stage. It was awesome to see something like that after such a long period.

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