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Addicted To Pain

Interview with bassist Bob Horvath

Interviewed by EvilG

Addicted To Pain

Thrashy/groove metal band Addicted To Pain hail from Albany, New York. In late 2010 they unleashed their first-ever release – a self-titled EP – on MegaForce Records. The group is comprised of Leo Curley (vocals,guitar), Bob Horvath (bass), and Gregory Nash (drums). The formation of Addicted to Pain can be linked to an earlier group called Eyesore (with now Shadows Fall drummer Jason Bittner). Years and several bands later Horvath and Leo hooked up with Nash and Addicted To Pain were born.

How would you guys describe your sound? I hear some thrash and some BLS styled groove in there?

It’s hard to describe for me. There’s a lot of groove,and hard core style riffing with thrash and punk influences.

What is your local metal scene in Albany, New York like? Do you get to play local shows there often?

The scene has gone down hill the last few year’s. We play a lot of local show’s and sometimes there’s great turnouts and sometimes not. You need to out of the area to get some recognition.

Have you been able to do any touring or open for any bigger names?

We just got off touring with THC Texas Hippie Coalition. It was a great time playing with those Texas’s boys. We did a north eastern tour. We’re playing with Joey Belladonna (Anthrax) in a couple weeks, and Taproot in February 2011 and there’s plans for a March/April 2011 tour with someone we cant say yet HA HA….You’ll have to wait and see.

What musical backgrounds do the members come from – by that I mean what styles have you mainly played?

Me – Metal!!!!!! Also, I was in an improv band for a while back fun to play when you are high….Greg he’s into everything 70’s, he always says he should of lived during the 70’s. Leo – born and raised hardcore no doubt about that.

Have you ever entertained the idea of adding a 4th member to the lineup..perhaps a second guitarist?

No not at this time,we all love the freedom of a three piece.

How did you end up working with the legendary producer, Alex Perialas (Anthrax, S.O.D., Testament, Pro-Pain, etc.)?

We met him through Megaforce records. We had a list of producers to work with, but when we all looked at that paper we all picked Alex hands down, and believe me there were some kick ass producers on that list. He is a legend and the best producer ever and we were blown away that we had the chance to work with him, and we were nervous wrecks!

Addicted To Pain

What did you learn the most from working with Alex?

Your best is just a start.

You recorded your 4-song EP with Alex. Are there plans to record a full length album with him in 2011?

I just got off the phone with him today actually, late January we start pre production so we have a ton of work ahead of us starting yesterday. We will probably have a finished project in March.

Was there a reason you only did 4 as opposed to a full length – perhaps the purpose was to use this to send as a demo to some record labels?

It was to break into the scene and get our name out there and grab a tour and so on so fourth. What we set out to do we accomplished so Megaforce was right do 4 songs save the full length to blast into the market.

If you’ve sent anything to any labels, what kind of reactions have you been getting?

Label Megaforce Man what else is there? We have gotten great reviews from industry peeps.

What does the band name "Addicted to Pain" mean and how did you decide upon it?  It makes me think of Pinhead! ha

HA HA!!!!! It’s a long story but the band name was THE PAIN for the first year in a half. We had to change the name because it sounded just like T.PAIN the rapper. Stupid right, but true story. So then month’s later Leo just blurts out Addicted to Pain…Since all three of our lives represent that statement, it was perfect.

Can you tell us a bit about what each of the 4 songs are about on your release?

Hear N Now: A decaying America .

Trust Me: I think Leo wanted to kill someone that day Ha HA..

Abigail: Greg’s masterpeice he wrought about John Adams wife, Abigail Adams and someone else?

Going Going Gone: I think Leo was pissed that day Ha HA..

What music have you been spinning recently?

Grandfunk RR. I’ve been you tubing all there shit. Some of the greatest grooves, I love it man….

What’s next for Addicted to Pain?

Recording with Alex in late January till March, new full length and a national tour coming early 2011.

Thanks for your time, all the best to you!

Thanks! Everyone check out / and find us on Facebook.  METAL-RULES so do we Ha Ha!!!!!!!!

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