MUNICIPAL WASTE with Ramming Speed, Saviours @ O2 Islington Academy, London

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MUNICIPAL WASTE with Ramming Speed, Saviours

@ O2 Islington Academy, London

17th December 2010

Reviewer Danny Draper

It was a freezing cold Friday night in London, snow lined the streets but that did little to deter the crowd.

It’s the final night of the Municipal Waste’s UK tour and they were going to make this one count!



Ramming Speed were up first.


Unfortunately due to the early 6pm start and the weather conditions, the academy was half empty, although as their set progressed it started to fill out nicely.


Ramming Speed are a true, hard working band who have recently gained National notoriety by signing a distribution deal with Candlelight Records for their first album, Brainwreck.


We were greeted with a highly energetic performance of non-stop head banging, raw heavy riffs and aggressive vocals.


Ramming Speed hail from Boston and they combine grindcore, thrash and punk. The audience welcomed them well, everyone in the place head banging away, a perfect opening act for Municipal Waste. Vocalist Pete "Goblin Charms" looked half dead by the time they finished their 30minute set and who could blame him. These guys are definitely worth checking out again.

As the second support act took to the stage the crowd were livening up.

Saviours, formed in 2004 are a heavy metal band from Oakland, California.


Their sound is heavy stoner metal that is influenced by many types of metal, from proto to NWOBHM to black and lots in between.

Although not to my taste, they’ve clearly carved out a great following with the crowd lapping them up.


With the pit ragging on throughout the entire set, they gave a great technical performance; the bassist was almost hypnotic to watch.


I did feel that they lacked the onstage energy of Ramming Speed.

Municipal Waste are well known for their loud, drunk, party atmosphere and rowdy crowd and tonight did not disappoint. “Municipal Waste is gonna FUCK YOU UP” resounds throughout the night as the crowd prepares for the onslaught.

Municipal Waste are a band driven by fun, so it seems logical for front man Tony Foresta to come on as a giant Christmas tree and wish everyone a Happy fucking Christmas.


The crowd explodes in a mass of body parts as the crowd surfers are coming thick and furious into the photo pit (not the safest of places to be I can tell you!)

They are un-relentless – most of the academy is taken up by circle pit for the whole set, then half way through, the infamous wall of death occurs.

Devotees of crossover thrash, Waste play songs that are lyrically part drunken binge, part amusement park house of horrors, over a musical assault that borrows more from its punk / metal roots. The band sound tight and vicious, with a great sound. They plough their way through ‘The Thrashin’ of The Christ’, ‘Acid Sentence’, ‘Unleash the Basterds’ bashing, crashing and thrashing like their lives depend on it. It was clear that they loved every second of it.

It’s when Municipal Waste are interacting with the audience that they are at their best. Inviting all the girls to crowd surf to ‘Boner City’ and somehow ending in the guitarist, Ryan Waste telling tales of touching granny fannys!

The highlight of the night was ‘Born to Party’ and ‘Act of Partying’ when the crowd went literally mental. It was a fitting end to such an intense night!