SABATON, Thaurorod, Alestorm @ The Electric Ballroom

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With Thaurorod and Alestorm

@ The Electric Ballroom, Camden London

14th October 2010

 Reviewer Danny Draper

Photos: Altercarnated Photography

After interviewing Sabaton’s drummer Par, I was looking forward to the delights of tonight’s show ahead. 

The first band of the evening were Thaurorod, the Finnish symphonic metaller’s engaging a crowd that I thought might be a tough cookie considered the popularity of the other two bands.


But in all fairness, Thaurorod held their own and put on a very good show.


The band have been going since 2002, and with line-up changes they seem to be set now in to make a good punt into metal next year with their debut album release.


I think they’ll do themselves proud and on the strength of their performance, they won’t fail to make a mark.




Avast me matey’s! Yargh! For there be pirates here this eve!Yes, the Scottish pirate metaller’s Alestorm have brought their key-tars and rum fuelled anthems to London tonight.


There are a fair amount of fans that got into the spirit of things and wore their best frilly shirts and three point hats and were waving plastic swords in the air.


The reception for these boys was almost as equal to the headliners, with a very energetic crowd that even had a wall of death towards the end of the show.


They played a strong set of now classic songs including; Nancy the Tavern Wench, That Famous Ol’ Spice and Keelhauled.


They even had time to give us a taster of the new material in the form of the song… RUM! Needless to say, even in its infancy, it should be an awesome addition to the next album!


Sabaton. Prepare for war! The bands entrance to the fading sounds of "The Final Countdown" is warmly received and they begin with "The March to War" before launching into an almighty rendition of "Ghost Division", a personal favourite.


The crowd are pumped and are cheering raucously at every point where their voices can be heard, to which singer Joachim responds with “It’s amazing, you guys are applauding after every song! If you keep this up, we’ll be applauding you at the end of the show!” The set is nigh on flawless, they make light work of headlining, proving that they can handle playing any stage.




Newer songs from COAT OF ARMS go down well, with "Uprising", "Aces in Exile" and the rather sombre styleings of "The Final Solution" fitting in perfectly with their now considered classic work from previous albums.


"Cliffs of Gallipoli" has a godly stomp to it that merges into the ferocity of "40:1". These guys are the happiest bunch of fellows I’ve seen grace a stage in a long time. Much like at Sonisphere, they play with eternal smiles and are just so happy to be playing to the sold out Ballroom tonight.


It was also a birthday night, for Daniel Mullback, everyone in the room sang a Happy Birthday for the dear chap after "Wolfpack" and his present was his other half in a box! What a lovely gift! "Saboteurs", "The Price of a Mile" and "Back in Control" followed to end the set before and encore of "Coat of Arms", "Primo Victoria" and the Metal Medley (Metal Machine/Metal Crue).


A fantastic night, Sabaton are at the top of their game right now and are on a big tour in support of their last release COAT OF ARMS.


The only thing missing from this otherwise perfect gig was "The Art of War". But having said that, we were spoilt anyway!