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Children of Bodom

Interviewed: London,  December 9th,  2010

Interviewer: Danny Draper

Photos: Altercarnated Photography

On a lovely winter’s day, Jo and I ventured to the Head offices in London to meet up with Janne and Alexi for a quick chat about the new album and plans before the playback.


Janne: Hi! How are you doing?

I’m good, how are you? How long have you been in London?

Janne: I arrived here early yesterday morning.

How was the process or recording of this album? 

Janne: It was good, smooth. It’s the first time we’ve ever used like a real producer and things were a lot smoother than I thought it would be. So everything went well, really good.

The track names look good, are there any new themes or ideas expressed lyrically on this record?

Janne: Well, Alexi writes all the lyrics and all the music so… I have no idea about the lyrics and nor do I care about them! I’ve been freaking people out in some interviews when I’ve mentioned that I don’t care at all about what he’s writing about, but I really don’t! I’m just confident in him that it’s going to be something good. But I don’t know too much about the themes or whatever.


Alexi: Well, you know the lyrical content is always the same. It’s pretty much just me venting out bad feelings of whatever and that’s what it is so…

How do you feel this record will stand up to previous work like Reaper, Hate Crew and Blooddrunk?

Alexi: It’s just more us man. It’s kind of an awkward question to deal with.


Janne: Because, you can’t really give an answer. When you write or make an album, it’s always the best you’ve ever done, you have to feel and you have to think like that. Every time we do an album I think it’s the best we’ve ever done. However, things evolve and things happen.

Alexi: I mean yeah, everyone says its going to be heavier; it’s going to be more melodic. Everybody says these things.

So in terms of describing the record, it’s your best work thus far?

Alexi: Definatley

Janne: Honestly, I would say that.

Are you happy with what you’ve recorded?

Alexi: I’m really stoked about it.

Janne: Did you not hear what I just said?!


Janne: Is there something wrong with your microphone?!

No, no, no, no. Well, maybe, I don’t know…


The playback is tomorrow, are you looking forward to seeing the reactions from people?

Janne: Yeah.

Alexi: Yes we are actually.

Janne: Cause, so far everyone who’s heard it like the management and close friends, they loved it a lot.

Alexi: A lot of them have said it’s the best fucking you’ve done! And I’m not speaking for myself here, its what they’ve been saying.

Janne: Honestly that’s people’s reactions. I am really excited about the reactions tomorrow because there’s going to be a lot of industry people and other people who’s going to hear it.

Now onto touring, are you guys coming back when the album is released?

Janne: Yep

Alexi: I think it’s March… April or March.

Janne: I think all the UK dates are in April.

Have you got any European festivals booked yet?

Janne: No, not right now. Our situation’s kind of changing, but not at the moment no.

Alexi: We were planning on doing some stuff in the US but it didn’t work out. Hopefully do some European festivals, I’d really like to do Wacken.

Janne: There is a plan for a UK festival but I don’t want to say to much as nothing is confirmed yet. But we would love it to happen.

The first single from the album is Was it Worth It. You’ve recorded a video for that now. Was that all good fun?

Alexi: Actually yeah it was fun. I think I can pretty much speak for you right now, we fucking hate doing music videos. It’s a pain the ass you know what I mean?!


Alexi: You got to hear the same song for like two hundred times in a row.

Janne: It was one of the smoothest, nicest shoots.

Alexi: It was a good party man! We had like the top ten best skaters in the world just doing load of shit while we were playing, yeah it was a good time!

Janne: We didn’t have to be drunk at that shoot and that says a lot.

Alexi: Actually that does mean a lot!!!!


Righty oh, the release date for the album is…

Janne: Nelly! What’s the release date? March 8th?

Cool, well I’ve now run out of questions…

Janne: Good!



Thank you guys for doing that, cheers!

Janne: Thank you

Alexi Thank you!


The track listing for CHILDREN OF BODOM’s Relentless Reckless Forever is as follows:

1.) Not My Funeral

2.) Shovel Knockout

3.) Roundtrip to Hell and Back

4.) Pussyfoot Miss Suicide

5.) Relentless Reckless Forever

6.) Ugly

7.) Cry of the Nihilist

8.) Was It Worth It?

9.) Northpole Throwdown

Bonus track: Party All the Time (Eddie Murphy cover)

"Relentless Reckless Forever" out March 8, 2011