Enemy Of The Sun – band leader, guitarist and producer Waldemar Sorychta

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Enemy Of The Sun guitarist and producer Waldemar Sorychta

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Tom Hack at Massacre Records for setting up this interview

Promo pictures by: Massacre Records, thank you.


Here is a short interview with band leader, guitarist and producer Waldemar Sorychta. I don’t think that the man needs any further introduction because as we all know this man is considered a legend within the extreme metal community. Here is what he had to say about his new band Enemy Of The Sun, their new album CAEDIUM, his career and a little more.



Hi Waldemar. It’s an honour to be interviewing you. You are a real legend within the metal music community. Are you ready to take the questions?

Don’t know, lets see the questions:)

Should we begin with talking about your act Enemy Of The Sun and their brand new album CAEDIUM that recently was released. For how long have you and the band worked on the album?

Might sound stupid and boring but music will never have the name “work” for me. For sure you need  discipline and patience but from this moment you see music as work you at the wrong place. The song writing process took about 1 year but you will find songs they are way older than that.

What are the lyrics about. I read that the album is a concept album is that true? And who writes the material in the band?

Concept album is for me always kind of wired name. I do know what it means but for me a musical is a concept, not a metal album. We have a line, main idea yes but not a overall concept. Song writing is not about seating home and thing which song should I make to fit the previous one. Its something about feelings, experience, thoughts. Its a morrow of what we are and how we are. The main idea/thought about CAEDIUM is the fact of death. It goes deep into the unknown but also personal thoughts.


Enemy Of The Sun’s debut album came three years ago and was called SHADOWS. Do you think that the band have developed music wise through the years if you compared the new album with the previous one?

The new album sounds more brutal but also with many variations and surprises, even Enemy like. The main atmosphere is just deeper and visits maybe few more extremes then “SHADOWS”. The whole idea, as well the title  “CAEDIUM” (to kill) goes deep into the problem of death. After the suicide of Gus Chambers (singer of GRIP INC.) in October 2008 big sadness came to my life. This tragedy brings you of course new views and deeper way of thinking about DEATH. THE END. LOSS. You think you have many question but the you see there are way more. Most of them will stay with no answer.

This feeling is the base of “CAEDIUM”. You find many songs with this emotional atmosphere with roots on killing, suicide, amok and death overall.

This brings for sure also a touch of brutality but also sadness.

It’s not easy to describe the band music. I can hear influences of modern death metal, progressive metal and mellcore. How would you like to describe what kind of music the band plays?

Really cool shit

Are there any plans on recording a video to any of the songs from CAEDIUM?

We are living in western world in a time where money means live. There is no space for dreams, just hard brutality. Video costs money. You don’t get this one when you are not about to double it. What we do is what we believe in and don’t care about any business part but exact this is the only who pays a video.

I am not willing to do any cheep video. When I do things then right or I leave it. But one day we see.


Are you gonna release a limited edition or a digipack version of the album? If so are you gonna feature any bonus material and what bonus materials?

That’s a song which you will not find on the regular album 🙂

Where did you record the album and who have produced it?

The has come to do it in my own studio Waldstreet Sound in cooperation with Waldstreet & Denroad. Dennis use to work in Woodhouse, same as me. Both have year and years of expirience with recording and mixing. So this time I took it in my own hands.

What do you think is your strongest feature as producer?

It must be patience.

Is it hard to produce your own album? I mean is it hard to stay objective when it comes to your own music?

Depends of how you think. Already at the song writing I have a overall idea about every song, sound, melody. In this case is even more logical that I continue the production. I can separate very well between egos and pure music. Production should always start and finish with music, never with egos.

What did the other members think of being produced by you?

They went nuts!!!

Did any of the other members come up with any ideas on how they wanted the album to be produced or did you decide everything?

There was no question like this. We all felt its the best for the whole band. As a band you always want someone for production who understands the music, who is behind it and who has the technical knowledge. Well, why search when you have it at home?

You did put out the song “Paradigm” on your MySpace site. What did the fans think of the song?

That you have to ask the fans.

Did you have a release-party for the album when it was released over here in Europe?

We had our own, private party.

Do you think that older fans of Enemy Of The Sun are gonna enjoy the album?

No doubt. Why not? In our opinion we topped “shadows” and made a balance between Grip inc. and Enemy of the Sun. Its more like a mixture between both. Since Gus is no more alive its something that needed to go this way.


The album has been out for a while now. Have you read any reviews in the media and press? What have the critics to say about it?

Some good, some not. As usual. We not pay people to like our album but we don’t make albums to make people like us. We just do it.

Is there any difference in how the national press and the foreign press is writing about and treating you?

We are a international band so there is no “national” press for us. But I don’t see any difference. Only one I see is that some listen to a record, some not. Maybe they deaf from drinking to many free beers at bands shows but sometimes I feel “hey, that’s not the record we did. You might get a wrong one”

The debut album SHADOWS

What can you tell us about the debut album called SHADOWS from Enemy Of The Sun that was released in 2007? Do you think it was easier for the band to land a deal when your name was involved?

Yes and no. A name doesn’t have any content. Might have a overall direction but doesn’t mean people will like it for sure. In the music business is nothing for sure. When you sell white shit everyone will paint there shit white till the next sells it in red.


The album was being promoted as “Album Of The Month” in the paper magazine Rock Hard. How did that felt?

Was not just promoted, it was “Album of the Month” also in another magazines. I would sound ignorant when I say I don’t care but the trough is that this fact does not change any note of this album. For us it was/is a great album and that’s what really counts.



Were there many labels that was interested in the band?

I didn’t know there are so many labels in the world. hahaha

How come you signed on with Massacre? For how many albums are you signed for?

It sounded good so we signed. Important is to be understood. That means more then to be just a number in a cabinet.

Do you have distribution labels that release your albums in other parts of the world?

This are all business question. I am a opposite of music business. I live for music not from it.


Past present and future

When did you first form Enemy Of The Sun?

Hamburg (GERMANY) supporting Megadeath in2006.

Was it easy to find members to the band or did you throw auditions?

Its never easy to find right people. Its not just that you want great musicians, you want also cool people, family. You cant go to a market and make an order. Its like lottery. But also in lottery you win sometimes. So did I.

You have got a Finish singer in Jules Naveri when did he end up in the band?

After I asked him if he want end up with this band:)

He is amazing. The whole band is!

Do you see any problems with the fact that not all members live in the same town or even in the dame country? Is it hard to rehearse and write music?

I use much more extreme situation. Grip inc. for example. We have been all from different continents. USA/Canada, Germany/England. That worked in a time without internet so why should this “small” distance be on the way?

Music has no borders.

Where does the band name come from?

A band calls NEROSIS. 1993 release “Enemy of the Sun”, still one of my favourite. This time, holding the album and being already in Grip inc. but thinking how great the name is. 13 years later it was reality.

Is Enemy Of The Sun a band or a project?

I don’t do projects. Either I give everything or I leave it.


You did a few festival performances in Germany and some shows in Finland last year. Why doesn’t the band tour more?

You recorded a video to the song “Weak” from SHADOWS during the Full Force Festival in Germany in 2008. Has the video been shown on TV? I mean the airspace for harder music are pretty limited nowadays.

We are talking here about metal. TV doesn’t even show the name “metal”. When they do the in contest to Satanism, kill, death……They will not show Enemy. The tour question – same answer the video. Music business.

There is no question about good or bad. There is only the question “how much do we win”

Its not in our hands. When it would be we would be on tour since yesterday.

Waldemar Sorychta close up

When did you first realize that you wanted to be in the music industry?

I NEVER wanted to be in the music industry. Never will. What I want is to make music. This doesn’t fit mostly with the visions of music industry. They don’t want music, they want sell music.

Are there any artist or band that have inspired you?


You both sing, play guitar and keyboard but what do you like the most doing?

I like doing music.


What was the name of the first band you joined or formed?

Despair (1986-1992) then Grip inc. (1993-2003)

You did release an album in 1988 with the band Despair what do you think of that album today?

I was young and needed this money. hahaha

After Despair did you and Dave Lombardo form Grip Inc. How did you end you with Lombardo?

I went to his place for a production calls Voodoocult. After 5 minutes of us playing together he asked me if I would like to join Grip inc. (well we didn’t had this name at the time). I said yes and that’s it. We started week later.

Which one of the Grip Inc albums are your favourite one?

Each one is special because each one has a soul, history and lot of heart.

During the Grip Inc era did you also participate in the all star band Voodocult what can you tell us about that band?

This one was a project. Was fun but was a project. I produce the album and played 1 tour together with Dave Lombardo. After this we continued Grip inc.

In 2008 did Gus Chambers, the singer of Grip Inc, pass away. What went through you mind at that time?

To deep to talk about. Read lyrics for “the golden horizon”. I made this song and lyrics for Gus.

Did Eyes Of Eden release any album? And are that band active today?

You want to know my whole live, right? Eyes of Eden is a long story. It wasn’t meant as a band but it ended this way. But for a short time. There was 1000 of stones on the way. They stony way just did want to end. I never give up things but in this case I put this on “ice” You never know, maybe next year, maybe in 10? I just make music without big plans for what reason I should do it.

You have produced many famous bands and many classical albums. Do you have any favourite albums amongst the ones you have produced?

As with my own music I always do my best. Each production has own history. Each one is the most important at this time.

(I just can tell in front, the new SAMAEL will be GREAAAAT)

Where do you find inspiration to write music? Do you also write lyrics?

Inspiration is live. Live gives you all moods, all feelings, all thoughts. They create the music. They are the music if you like to know. Not the nr. 1 hits in the charts. This are products based on simple notes, but not music.


Many people see you as a living legend and icon within the metal scene how does that feel for you?

I don’t think about shit like this. I do what I do and try to make it better every day. To be better day by day is the most important vision. Not just as musician but as human.

Thanks for doing the interview I think that’s all for now and for this time.

Thank you.

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