An Introduction To Syd Barrett

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Syd Barrett – An Introduction To…

2010, EMI

Rating: 4.5

There couldn’t be a more appropriate title to this release than the one that it was given. AN INTRODUCTION TO SYD BARRETT is the perfect title for this single disc compilation. While most of us knew who Syd was, most of us may be unfamiliar with his solo works. Included here are a half dozen of songs he did while in Pink Floyd and the remaining twelve are solo compositions.

The first pair of songs on the CD are the most recognizable; “Arnold Layne” and “See Emily Play”. This duo of songs are early Floyd tracks and some of their most popular ones. Being unfamiliar with Syd’s work outside of the early Floyd albums this disc is a much welcomed introduction to his music and my collection. His solo material is not to far removed from what he wrote while in Pink Floyd for the most part while some of it is definitely out there, such as the song “If It’s In You”.

A diverse and eclectic collection of musical compositions from one of the original Pink Floyd members. AN INTRODUCTION TO SYD BARRETT is the perfect sampler and starting point for any music fan that wants to explore Syd’s work. Highly recommended.